October 2018 posts

Halloween Franchise Ranked

Reasons to Love the Bride of Chucky

September 2018 posts

Tick tick tock goes the internal clock

Butterflies in the…office

August 2018 posts

My Evening with Norman and Jeffrey

The Walking Dead needs a new leader

Yelling at my CD player brings it to life

Speak your mind even if your voice shakes

Trust me I know I’m fluffy

Good customer service is important

Anxiety is a crippling asshole

July 2018 posts

What is your least favorite movie?

What is a movie that changed your opinion about something?

What movie has the best soundtrack?

What is your favorite classic movie?

What is your favorite guilty pleasure movie?

What is a movie that no one would expect you to love?

What is your favorite documentary?

Who is your favorite movie character?

What is the most underrated movie?

What is the most overrated movie?

Who is your favorite actress?

Who is your favorite actor?

What movie has left you feeling disappointed?

What is the best movie you saw last year?

What is the last movie you saw in theaters?

What was the first movie you saw in theaters?

What is your favorite movie quote?

Who is your favorite movie villain?

What is your favorite animated movie?

What is your favorite movie from childhood?

Who is your favorite director?

What is a movie that you know practically the whole script?

What is a movie that makes you sad?

What is a movie that makes you happy?

What is your favorite comedy?

What is your favorite drama?

What’s your favorite scary movie?

What is your favorite action/adventure movie?

What is the last movie you watched?

What is your favorite movie?

June 2018 posts

According to my dad he is turning thirty today

Bon voyage

May 2018 posts

Another meaningful inappropriate talk with my dad

Green hair does care

The answer is five, but may be four

Spring is attempting to kill me per usual

April 2018 posts

Perception often causes alternate realities

Gimme a hell yeah for nineties wrestling

I’m still comfy on the big orange couch

A trip down memory lane never hurt anyone

Your light is always shining

I’m a Logan Echolls voicemail message

Twenty years of the traumatization of an inner thirteen year old

March 2018 posts

My dad will go down with his ship

Investing in yourself is never wrong

We should all walk out and walk up

‘Cause who’d wanna leave Cyberland anyway?

Like the song says, I get by with a little help from my friends

February 2018 posts

A fur baby’s journey to The Rainbow Bridge

The flu is no joke

I’m stuck with a permanent case of the Mondays

January 2018 posts

You are my pupshine, my beagle pupshine

Yo ho, a traveler’s life for me

Too many cop shows have me thinking about murderers and serial killers

Germs and depression go away, never come back again another day

Dear mama

Always meet the Ash vs Evil Dead cast when possible

Surpassing goals and taking names

The beginnings of my journey with Harry Potter

The end of my time with Harry Potter

Love always lives within and radiates out

Resolutions do not have to begin on New Year’s Day

December 2017 posts

Tequila infused blueberries

Billboards really can have a lasting effect

I don’t feel like dirt anymore

Restoring faith in humanity one Christmas movie at a time

Why it is difficult to lose anyone in the zombie apocalypse

My subconscious is making me paranoid

It’s not Christmas until I hear these songs

The lost art of Christmas cards

November 2017 posts

I need a blanket and a cat stat

What do you wish for?

My dad is going to be Bumble the Abominable Snowman

The only rat I appreciate is Master Splinter

Why Oreo thinks Cocomo is a heffer

My friend will kill your cat in the zombie apocalypse

Be you because you are awesome

No one puts kitty in the closet

How to Save A Life – Favorite Grey’s Anatomy moments

A vagina does not make me less important

Where did all the assholes come from?

October 2017 posts

Shenanigans with one of my Ethels in a movie parking lot

The last weekend trip to Conventionland

Adventures of Michelle in Conventionland

Conventions are addictive

I got tagged

What is it about The Price is Right that takes us back to childhood?

Insomnia must be in a relationship with the devil

Today is your birthday

Kevin Smith is simply amazing

Red hair dye is the gateway dye

Stop letting fear run rampant

September 2017 posts

I cannot avoid having shows make me cry today

Start being excited about what could go right

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