I’m just a girl named Michelle writing to ask the world to fall in love with me. Just kidding. Sorta. My name really is Michelle and I believe in using movie quotes to my advantage in life. The same can be said about Friends quotes. Inevitably I will say something to offend you. That is life. That is also what happens when people have opinions that even remotely differs from what someone else feels is correct. In a world full of chaos right now I hope to bring some brightness into your life. Sometimes my posts will be serious, sometimes they will be humorous, and other times just plain weird. I will also post movie reviews, book reviews, and blog about any and all events I attend even if it takes me forever to gather my thoughts on some of them.

I am on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. I am horrible at tweeting as much as I did once upon a time when NKOTB reunited and the world felt right again. Now I mainly post links there.  If I’m being honest, email or Instagram is the best way to contact me.

And if you are feeling particularly generous share my posts. Ultimately just enjoy my crazy ride.

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