‘Good Girls’ Recap: ‘Opportunity’

Last week on Good Girls, viewers were left wondering via the upcoming scenes if this is the week that Rio dies. Will Mr. Fitzpatrick (Andrew McCarthy) follow through on his promise to the girls? After all, this week’s cold open shows our girls at the park as Beth’s kids play at the park. I love how they have the girls fighting over who killed who as they sit there and patiently wait for the hitman to execute Rio. My favorite part is when Annie declares that the hit on Rio is complete because a dog stared at them.

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‘Good Girls’ Recap: ‘Incentive’

Last week on Good Girls, viewers were left stunned knowing that someone else is on track to hunt down our girls, Agent Phoebe Donnegan (Lauren Lapkus). While making a horrible comparison to discovering that women are involved in this counterfeiting ring, she proves throughout the episode that she might be even more determined to take them down than Agent Turner. After all, she needs to make a name for herself, and this case would allow her to do so.

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The Time I Shaved Only Half of My Right Leg

Although there are plenty of options for us all right now, we are all going to utter the phrase, “I’m bored.” I think this is normal. Yesterday, instead of doing anything on my to-do list, I found myself thinking, “I’m gonna shave my legs.” I have one of those Flawless razors, and this has brought me great shaving joy since purchasing it. I seriously love this razor-like no other: no razor burn, no cuts, just gloriously shaved legs.

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Were My Veins Nice or Naughty Today?

Today my goal was to get up, drink a lot of water again and pray that my veins were not little assholes today. They weren’t as annoying today as they were yesterday. I don’t even know that I would call them assholes, but I had a hellish day all the least because of they wouldn’t be kind to me yesterday. I think that still in turns makes them little assholes, but I’ll let the people reading this be the deciding factor of that for today.

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My Veins Are Little Assholes

All this past week I have been far more nervous about getting my blood drawn than normal. I think my body realized that and truly decided to reject the the act this morning. I’m not sure, but I am still shaking my head at how my day started.

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‘Good Girls’ Recap: ‘Nana’

Last week on Good Girls, viewers saw what it is like to have an entirely move-in ready house made from a family home where residents currently lived. Despite ending the episode last wake with this shocking twist, the show chooses to focus on a character we have not seen since last season. A character I have wondered about for a moment or two myself, despite thinking that they would merely mention him in passing. While I cannot say I was Boomer’s biggest fan on the show, I have wondered what he has been up to this season.  

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It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

When your mind is as heavy as your heart, sometimes it’s hard to convey what it’s like when you become disheartened. I think a lot of us in a strange place right now. We all want to live our lives to the best of our abilities, but we’re scared and rightfully so. Yet I’ve had one thought replaying over and over.

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