Were My Veins Nice or Naughty Today?

Today my goal was to get up, drink a lot of water again and pray that my veins were not little assholes today. They weren’t as annoying today as they were yesterday. I don’t even know that I would call them assholes, but I had a hellish day all the least because of they wouldn’t be kind to me yesterday. I think that still in turns makes them little assholes, but I’ll let the people reading this be the deciding factor of that for today.

I got up this morning and I drank water for an hour and a half almost non-stop. Around ten I knew I had to go get my blood drawn because I was cranky. I had not had any coffee nor any food. So I got dressed and drove to the same building as yesterday all to find out there was a sign on the door. There was a leak in the lab and therefore could not draw blood. I was directed to the other facility nearby via the note on the door.

All I could think was, “YOU CAN’T MAKE UP THIS BULLSHIT.” At this point I’m annoyed and I drive my ass to the location the sign told me to go to. I was in front of this mother and her son who were just…I don’t even know guys. My annoyance level went up. I was screened to go to the front desk and my tempature was 97.3. I was told to wait. It had been fifteen minutes and I’m starring at the sign that says if it’s been fifteen minutes notify someone.

At this point in time I’m having my friend tell me don’t stab anyone cause I’m hungry, I have a headache now because I haven’t eaten, and I’m annoyed by the person who they gave a mask to and was coughin up a lung and wouldn’t put it on while she was coughing. Don’t worry she put it on afterward. Yes, you too can roll your eyes here too cause I did again while writing it. My friend tells me to pray and like the sarcastic heffer I am I said I’ll pray that God doesn’t judge me too harshly for stabbing someone.

That was not the answer she was seeking and again she told me not to stab anyone. Not that I had anything to stab them with this morning. I was all talk. Then again I’m all talk even if I had something cause I’m really not a violent person. So anywho we find out that the front desk did not notify the back and this woman then notified the back. I go to sit in the back and wait some more. I’m waiting to the point that I’m thinking, “OH MY GOD. JUST TAKE MY DAMN BLOOD. JUST DO IT. TAKE IT. TAKE. IT.

Thankfully, by the time I get in the chair the blood gushed with ease today. Thank baby Jesus. During this time I explained to the person drawing my blood why I was happy and showed her my awesome bruise from yesterday. We also talked about how Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are the only couple that would be able to quarantine together with their whole families and matching pajamas. Bless them.

After all this, I go to McDonalds to get food. I also go to my office because I’m determined there is paperwork there that I need that was not in our emails. By the time I got there I knew I needed to puke. My headache was now a migraine. I got my computer all booted up, checked things there and nothing. During this moment I then have to go to the bathroom there and somewhat puke. After ten more minutes of looking on the computer afterward I’m feeling sick again.

I turned it off, said goodbye to my boss, WOO HUMAN CONTACT KINDA SORTA, and go back to the car. I try to speed home because I’m getting extremely nauseous again. By the time I get home, I couldn’t even go inside y’all. I just puked right outside my car and of course there were people outside for once. I then had to come inside and stay in the dark for a while and make up the time I wasn’t working today tonight. I don’t mind of course cause it wasn’t my employer’s fault I had the mirgraine from hell.

Here lies my question. Are my veins little assholes still? I mean if they had just behaved yesterday, none of this would have happened. I would have been on my normal routine and my body would not have rejected McDonald’s fires, which by the way I don’t want McDonald’s again for like a year. I’m gonna go with yes. My veins are still little assholes, but what do you think? Let me know. Stay safe. Much love to you all.

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