Calling All Ladies

Hello ladies! I have come to loathe specific phrases said to me by men in my lifetime. One of them includes “Don’t you worry your pretty little head.” On an upcoming episode of Damn My Vagina, I plan on talking about these phrases hated among my viewing audience and myself. Is there a phrase that you particularly hate? Let me a message on Anchor if you do not mind your voice appearing on this upcoming episode of the show. If you wish to remain anonymous, that’s okay too! Shoot me an email at And don’t forget to follow me, and my other website, for the most updated comings and goings for Damn My Vagina.

Second Shot Complete

I received my second dose today of the Pfizer vaccine. So far, so good. I’ve been busy walking around the house, outside some, and just, in general, trying to move and drink a ton of water as a good friend told me this would help keep the side effects at bay. The only thing that sucks right now is the soreness of my left arm. The arm I received the shot in, which is no different from last time. The only difference is that I felt like that spot had its own pulse for a split second on the way home. It did give me an excuse to try the people of Propel today that I did not drink the other day at the hospital with my father.

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Walk The Line Film Review

Back when Walk The Line (2005) came out on DVD, my father immediately purchased the item. In my family, we are big Johnny Cash lovers, and the fact that we did not make an outing to the theater to see the film still has me in disbelief to this day. Before my parents had the chance to watch the feature, I popped the DVD in our DVD player and watched it with a friend of mine on one of many movie nights. Ever since that night, I always watch bits and pieces of the film whenever the movie is on one of the movie channels. 

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Damn My Vagina

For some time now, I have had the desire to start a podcast. At first, I was unsure what I wanted to cover. This past year has made me realize a lot of things about myself as well as the world. I cannot help but think there are so many societal pressures on women to have it all. On top of that, so many people write hate to other women online who seemingly do have it all. The crazy part to me is women hating on other women! Some days it feels like there is no way to win as a woman. The more I thought about that, the more I knew I wanted to make something to motivate, inspire, educate, and empower women. I knew I wanted to make something that let women know that they are more than their vaginas!

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Heart and Brain Battles

My exhaustion has taken on a new form this morning. I’m not even sure an IV drip of coffee could make me feel utterly awake today. My cats decided they needed treats super early this morning instead of food. Well, my one cat wanted wet food, which we do give her every morning, but the other just wanted treats and someone awake in the house to sit with him. And I think part of it too is that their night last night was turned as upside down as my own. I had to call 911 on my father again. That’s such a strange sentence to type. I realized that last night as I typed it up on my phone to post on Facebook.

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A Desk Kicked My Ass

I’m exhausted. I took some melatonin last night because I knew that sleep would not come easy for me. I was so tired Friday evening when I laid down I slept until noon on Saturday. I did this after refusing to get up at ten like I had scheduled myself for ultimately. That was because, on Friday, I got up at 5:30 because of the cats. They needed food. I can’t and don’t begrudge them that, of course, but when you are not used to getting up that early, and you did not get into bed at a decent hour because you’re trying to build and make something more for yourself, it’s exhausting.

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Cellphone Set Up Is The Devil

If you read that in Kathy Bates voice, then I have succeeded for the day. If not, I hope you hear this post in her voice as her character from The Waterboy. In that case, if you do, I consider that a win for today a well. But seriously, setting up a phone is the devil. Yesterday I had my day all planned out, and then those plans got shot to shit as I stayed on the phone with AT&T for forever and a decade yesterday to get my new phone set up. I did not want to get a new phone, but my iPhone six kept telling me I could not download the apps I wanted to use. Now that I have a new phone, I am giving my old phone to my uncle, so it will still be alive and well!

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It’s the Most Sneezey Time of the Year

Last year I did not complain about the pollen much. This year I bring back the evil flower that contributes along to my problem with the trees. The masks seemed to help me tremendously when I stepped outside. I never even got a cold. My nose never clogged from sneezing twenty times in a row. Last year was glorious in that regard. That is about the only regard, but that topic is another post for another time.

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Mise-en-scène analysis of Hitchcock’s Rope and Rear Window

Alfred Hitchcock is one of the most influential suspense directors in the history of cinema. There are many reasons he continues to influence filmmakers as well as appeal to film lovers. Witty dialogue is not lacking from the majority of his scripts. The visual appeal in his films is so precise that most people do not even think that they never see the knife penetrating Janet Leigh’s character, Marion Crane, in Psycho (1960) this many years later. Yet, most people do not explore many of his films unless they explore his catalog. Rope (1948) is one of those films. 

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