It’s the Most Sneezey Time of the Year

Last year I did not complain about the pollen much. This year I bring back the evil flower that contributes along to my problem with the trees. The masks seemed to help me tremendously when I stepped outside. I never even got a cold. My nose never clogged from sneezing twenty times in a row. Last year was glorious in that regard. That is about the only regard, but that topic is another post for another time.

This year, I feel like mini trees are coming up to me and shaking off in my face. I do not know if this is worse because I finally talked my dad into letting the dog stay in the house, along with my uncle’s help, or what, but I’m back to thinking the pollen is going to kill me. I cannot even go to our mailbox without having to wear a mask. I have reached the point where I do not even have to go outside to sneeze twenty times in a row.

I look like this cat:

I know this is just part of living in Georgia during the Spring, but I’m telling ya that is why Fall is my favorite. It’s not that cool, and it doesn’t try to kill me. I am beginning to think my goggle idea is not a bad one. Masks and goggles could be the happening new trend for Spring 2021! The only reason I do not want to do that is because of the tan lines. I think my cousin has finally moved into a small section of my brain. Next thing you know, I’m going to agree to take collagen gummies because of her.

But seriously, I am thinking about the goggles as I hate anything coming toward my eye. Goggles > eye drops. I think so. Now, if I can step off my vanity porch, I might properly walk my dog soon.

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