It’s the Most Sneezey Time of the Year

Last year I did not complain about the pollen much. This year I bring back the evil flower that contributes along to my problem with the trees. The masks seemed to help me tremendously when I stepped outside. I never even got a cold. My nose never clogged from sneezing twenty times in a row. Last year was glorious in that regard. That is about the only regard, but that topic is another post for another time.

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Spring is attempting to kill me per usual

Every Spring I embrace a bottle of allergy medicine.  This year I have found the pollen is the worst it has ever been for me and considering that my allergies triggered my vertigo a couple of seasons ago, I have found myself changing allergy pills for this lovely Spring allergy season.  I try to get as ahead of the game as I can.The rest of the year I can go back to my measly 10mg antihistamine, but for now I am in need of my 180mg version.  This is a sad truth.  A sadder truth is that I do not even have to step outside to have what I have dubbed a sneeze attack.  I have them most mornings, though since I had to take my allergy pill at night this weekend I’ve had them at night when I get home. Continue reading “Spring is attempting to kill me per usual”

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