According to my dad he is turning thirty today

Sixty years ago today an incredible man was born on Friday the 13th.  My horror loving heart has adored this fact for about twenty-five years now. This, of course, is not the point. Instead I write about a milestone that my humble father does not believe is a true milestone in life. Instead of a big dinner, or party somewhere, I am writing about a man that has truly shown me what it means to always be there for someone and put others before themselves. Continue reading “According to my dad he is turning thirty today”

Bon voyage

Alrighty folks! After tomorrow you will not hear, or rather read, anything from me for the next seven days. I know, I know it sounds like a bad call you receive from Samara. My horror people will understand that one. But anywho, in all seriousness, I will miss you guys as I unplug. I just wanted to remind you all how awesome you are before I leave for my trip and that I’ll miss you! Happy vibes for you all!!  And trust me when I say that since I did not to accomplish as much as I wanted to in May that will be changing once I get back.  I’m sorry, not really sorry, for all the posts in advance.

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