Damn My Vagina

Michelle Patterson

Creator, Writer, Podcaster

Hi I’m Michelle, and Damn My Vagina ventures into a personal journey of life as a woman. In this podcast, I will talk about the difficulties of life as a woman and the personal struggles endured along the way of becoming the woman I am today. And since we cannot, nor should not be serious all the time, this podcast will also cover various topics such as movies, music, books, and television series, but focus on the female characters and artists of our times and the decades before us. Damn My Vagina is aimed to inspire, educate, and most importantly, remind the world that women are more than our vaginas.

Graphic made by me via Adobe Spark.


If you want to be on the podcast, please drop me a line and let’s creating something wonderful together! I’m also available for podcasts and guest posts.


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