The Stepford Wives book review

I remember back in 2004 stepping foot into the theater by my house to sit down and watch The Stepford Wives. The details have escaped me over the years, but ever since then I became intrigued to read Ira Levin’s book by the same name. My interest in viewing the 1975 film hasn’t wavered since either. Cut to almost fourteen years later and Book Bub informing me that Psycho was on sale. This lead me down a rabbit hole of purchasing other famous novels for the same reason. Until a couple of weeks ago, my e-book sat patiently on my Kindle waiting for download. As patient as the book was waiting for me, I quickly became impatient with the lack of time I had to read once I started the novel. Continue reading “The Stepford Wives book review”

The Princess Saves Herself in this One book review

After I finished There’s Someone Inside Your House back in January, I started The Princess Saves Herself in this One by Amanda Lovelace.  I also finished the book of poetry through tired eyes because it’s a book that spoke to me on so many levels.  Continue reading “The Princess Saves Herself in this One book review”

NOS4A2 book review

Since watching Horns, I wanted to read at least one Joe Hill’s novels. While watching Horns, I felt very reminiscent of his father’s work.  In particular, Stephen King’s It. Upon seeing one of Joe Hill’s books listed as one of the book club books chosen last year I grew excited to read NOS4A2. Continue reading “NOS4A2 book review”

Candles Burning book review

When I originally picked up Candles Burning I went into the library to merely grab one book.  This of course lead to me bringing home five books because I have no willpower when it comes to books.  Continue reading “Candles Burning book review”

Surpassing goals and taking names

I surpassed my goal on Goodreads last year. Granted, I barely thought I would read thirty books by the end of 2017, but somehow managed to read fifty-two. This still shocks me and has made me up my goal for this year to sixty books. Continue reading “Surpassing goals and taking names”

The end of my time with Harry Potter

Welcome to my insane thoughts on the rest of the Harry Potter series.  I’m so glad that you decided to click on the link and continue on my journey with this beloved series last year.  Please remember that my thoughts are not without spoilers.  Continue reading “The end of my time with Harry Potter”

The beginning of my journey with Harry Potter

Despite the fact that my friend Nicole tried to convince me for years to either read or watch Harry Potter, as many others have as well I don’t know how many times, I decided that they were not my thing. Continue reading “The beginning of my journey with Harry Potter”

There’s Someone Inside Your House book review

Whenever I go to the library after work I find myself talking more in depth to the librarians. The good thing about the location I go to is that it is in the same building I work. So I tend to take suggestions from my librarians and I’m so glad I decided to pick up There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins. Continue reading “There’s Someone Inside Your House book review”

The Magpie Murders book review

I’ve always loved a good whodunit mystery regardless of the format. I have been mildly obsessed with them for some time now. I enjoy attempting to discover who committed each heinous crime. Continue reading “The Magpie Murders book review”

The Strain book review

Let me start out by saying I attempted to watch The Strain television program when the show first aired on FX back in 2014. After three episodes I deleted the entire first season and never looked back on the program again. Continue reading “The Strain book review”

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