Always meet the Ash vs Evil Dead cast when possible

The Evil Dead has been one of my favorite movies for some time.  In fact, I remember hearing stories about why I shouldn’t watch the original film in the franchise when I was younger and that made me want to watch them more.  Continue reading “Always meet the Ash vs Evil Dead cast when possible”

I dream of conventions

I realize I did not mention Wonder Woman, but I still hope she won the cosplay contest at Heroes and Villains in Atlanta because she was FANTASTIC.  She was also at the last convention I attended.

I know I have yet to post about my past two conventions, which I plan on writing about soon, but right now I want to discuss my dream last night that took place at a convention.  The only explanation I have to this dream is that I have convention fever at the moment.  Continue reading “I dream of conventions”

Adventures of Michelle in Conventionland

Back to the exciting adventures of Michelle in Conventionland!  I have now made up a word.  I feel this is an acceptable part of my life as I tend to do these sort of things all the time.  Today you are joining me for day two of my 2016 Walker Stalker Con journey.  Continue reading “Adventures of Michelle in Conventionland”

Conventions are addictive

Last year was my first Walker Stalker Convention. This was almost my first convention ever, but then Supernatural had to swoop in at the last second and come to Atlanta the weekend before! I’m not talking about that convention right now though so more on that later. This upcoming weekend I will get to take part in my second Walker Stalker Convention and I could not be more excited if I tried. Continue reading “Conventions are addictive”

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