I dream of conventions

I realize I did not mention Wonder Woman, but I still hope she won the cosplay contest at Heroes and Villains in Atlanta because she was FANTASTIC.  She was also at the last convention I attended.

I know I have yet to post about my past two conventions, which I plan on writing about soon, but right now I want to discuss my dream last night that took place at a convention.  The only explanation I have to this dream is that I have convention fever at the moment.  The next one I will be attending is Days of the Dead Atlanta, which is in February.  The person in my dream has not done much horror wise, but also, at least to my knowledge, has not been announced for any other conventions recently either. Again, I could be wrong considering I am generally not up-to-date on who is what convention.  Granted, I’ve gotten better to some degree by following the ones I go to, but none of this is the point and I lose track easily.

Last night my dream started in a space that was unlike any of the conventions I’ve been to.  In a way the space kind of reminded me of Walker Stalker Con as well as Heroes and Villains, but not.  The layout seemed the same with the exception of a huge staircase to access some of the celebrities.  Instead of looking further down what I consider autograph alley at these events, I looked up.  That was when I realized that Jason Dohring was at my convention.  Immediately I got in line, which was at the top of the stairs oddly enough and the line went rather quickly.  In a way I feel like I had a montage in my own dream that I didn’t even get to partake in.

I feel the need to point out it was this Logan Echolls. The smart ass high school Logan who still had lots of growing to do.

By the time I reached the top they told me all these options I could purchase.  Selfies, an autograph, a copy of his book (I don’t think he has a book), and the option of him tweeting fifteen weird tweets on my account.  For some reason I managed to access him without paying and he ushered me over to him to sit down.  He asked me if I was there for the tweets and if I had anything particularly strange I wanted him to say before taking my phone and clicking on the Twitter icon.  While I cannot remember the exact conversation that took place outside of that by the time I woke up I kept thinking that is somewhat how I imagine meeting him would be if he were his character Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars.

This is Jason, with the amazing Rose McIver, on iZombie. I seriously am having iZombie withdrawal. I did not know that was a thing until now.

The strangest part of all this to me is the last time I watched anything with Jason Dohring in it was the last episode of iZombie this past summer.  And considering that is one of the only shows I stay current with while it’s airing that means the last episode I watched was on June 27th this year.  And because of all this iZombie talk, I want to watch the show again. I’m so happy that Amazon has the first season for under ten bucks currently.  I bought season two last Black Friday and have made it a mission to get the rest of the boxsets too.  I could only afford the first one so I’m hoping someone will buy me season three for Christmas at some point because now I want to go back and watch the series again before it’s season four premiere.

Back to the point though!  I could not help but wonder where I would see Jason Dohring as far as conventions I attend go. And that is when the realization hit me much like when Liv’s new brain gives her a clue to their murderer.  I remember seeing that Rose McIver was a part of Heroes and Villains in New Jersey. I believe.  I could be wrong there, but then it dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, if Heroes and Villains is back next year in Atlanta they could be at that convention.  But then it dawned on me if not THEY COULD HAVE THE IZOMBIE CAST AT WALKER STALKER CON!!! And yes that is how it progressed in my head.  The words went all caps on me and about a thousand exclamation marks were behind my thoughts so I went small on you guys here.

Either way, whichever convention, I’m hoping that the actors schedules are clear for one of the events.  My dreams coming true would be kind of awesome.  Until then apparently I’m going to dream about meeting them, literally.  Well, dream and watch iZombie of course.  Dang, I miss Liv and the gang.

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