I need a blanket and a cat stat

Being sick sucks. I’ve also come to the conclusion these past two days that being on the brink of feeling 100% once more also sucks. This is especially true when you’re told twice how horrible you sound on the phone. I was told one this by a driver and then once by my dad. The fact of the matter is I physically feel better than I have in days. Am I drained more than normal? Sure. I cannot deny that fact, but in all reality it just takes more brain power to complete tasks than normal.

My sickness has also reminded me, along with my sprained ankle, that I hate not having the energy to exercise when I was doing SO well with a routine. I’m hoping each day this week, after my sprained ankle heals, I will feel more up to it. However, I’m debating on breaking out a DVD I have tonight and using something I brought to help get my arms where they need to be. I feel weird just sitting back now. I haven’t gained any holiday weight though so that’s a bonus. Of course I also didn’t want to eat a lot last week either. Meh.

My whole point is I now know what my dad has been feeling for the past week and a half. Our sinuses clearly hate us. I imagine that my sinuses get excited every time my body gives into the notion of being sick. I say this because I feel like I’ve been trying to catch something since mid-October and praying it would not enter my body until after my conventions.

Actually, this almost always around season change. Though that happens on a daily basis here in Georgia. You wake up worried your car is going to think it’s too cold to function and go out in the afternoon wondering why you have your jacket on and you’re not carrying it draped over your arm. Don’t get me wrong, I love it here in Georgia. I’ve lived here my whole life, but sometimes I can’t help but tilt my head at Mother Nature’s decisions.

Of course it doesn’t help that every time I look at my weather app I feel like the exact opposite happens. My app hates me. The one that comes with your iPhone. Yep that one. I could download another one or start using another source, but yet I keep thinking Nope, one day you will be so right on that I will never question you again. Of course as soon as I think that the next day it will tell me there will be snow in July. At least that is the kind of luck I typically work with.  Of course for all I know with the climate change that might be a possibility.

Back to being sick though. If you have read this far, thank you. You’re awesome for putting up with my rambling self at the moment. I think the hardest part of being an adult sometimes is knowing that no matter how crappy you feel, no matter what germs you don’t want to spread, you have the nagging thought of those bills you have to pay when you’re sick. Plus if you’re me, you don’t take a ton of time off. You use your sick days/paid time off and that’s that. Once they are gone they are gone.

Granted, if I felt bad enough I would have called in sick today. Quite frankly I don’t think I’m sick enough to use that last day just yet and I would rather apply it to the day after Christmas if I’m being honest.  You know, an actual day off to with what I please. But sometimes we are put into positions where we don’t have the option not to come in. In fact, I would say most jobs we don’t have that option. And sometimes even when we call in sick, or tell people we’re sick we are the only person to work.

When I first started one of the retail positions I held I did not even know I was on the schedule and went to work even though I was in no condition to work. There was no one else to come in. And those people you think are there to cover for you in moments like that rarely will. That’s the sad truth of it.  So instead of letting someone else down you grit your teeth and get your butt to work.

However, once we go to work sick and people wonder why we came in the first place. Bills. Period. No one wants to be standing behind a cash register or sitting at a desk when they don’t feel well. They want to be curled up in the bed, or on a couch with a blanket, a pet and sleeping. They might even want to be entertained somewhat via the television, but for the most part, not really. All I’ve truly wanted is sleep. I say that because all the plans I had to read over this past weekend was forfeited for sleep.

Sleep and the most delicious frappuccino ever. I’m going to miss you when you’re gone from Starbucks Toasted White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino. Despite the fact that the coldness felt AMAZING against my throat, it tasted delicious. Did I probably need it due to all the mucus? Probably not, but at least my Mucinex is making all of it slowly come out. Now if my right nostril would get with the program and release what is left I’d be happy.

Again, I have somewhat digressed. Okay, I digressed.

My whole point is when sick we want to do things that bring us comfort and happiness. We want to just chill and not to where we wonder if we’re running a fever or not. Though lord knows as much as I sweat this past weekend those clean sheets were divine last night. My beautiful pink sheets that I have to continue to wash time and time again because the house ate my other sheet sets. I’ll find you sheets, I will. If not I clearly need to hire Liam Neeson and his special set of skills. Oh that image makes me far to happy. Him telling some poor person on Black Friday that he has a special set of skills while looking up flannel sheet sets on sale.

I feel this is the point where I admit I should probably be at home in bed and I might have been wrong about just being drained. The mucus is slowly taking away brain cells. Send help. Or soup. Whichever you prefer. Just stay healthy and happy this holiday season.

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