The flu is no joke

I have always said you can tell when you have the flu.  Maybe not at first, but eventually you get this inkling that there is something wrong outside of a cold. Continue reading “The flu is no joke”

Germs and depression go away, never come back again another day

I feel like I’ve gone through lulls in my life.  Lulls of sickness.  I remember a lovely time period, my twenties, where I got sick maybe once a year if that.  Other than the time I got the flu I had a great recovery time.  Now, I’m not naive in thinking that we still have that amazing recovery time that we did when we were younger.  Continue reading “Germs and depression go away, never come back again another day”

I don’t feel like dirt anymore

Five more days until Christmas and I finally feel good again. Since November I have been sick on and off, which has left me drained during the prime times I sit down to either read and/or write. Continue reading “I don’t feel like dirt anymore”

I need a blanket and a cat stat

Being sick sucks. I’ve also come to the conclusion these past two days that being on the brink of feeling 100% once more also sucks. This is especially true when you’re told twice how horrible you sound on the phone. Continue reading “I need a blanket and a cat stat”

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