I don’t feel like dirt anymore

Five more days until Christmas and I finally feel good again. Since November I have been sick on and off, which has left me drained during the prime times I sit down to either read and/or write. I absolutely hate being sick, but the worst part of being sick is the lack of desire to do anything. And I can’t even say that it has helped me catch up on any of the television shows I watch. Why? Because I’ve been sleeping.

Thanks to feeling like hell warmed over and melatonin, I have a somewhat decent sleep routine currently. There are still nights that I stay up later than I should.  Fewer nights belong to the vitamin not kicking in and my mind refusing to shut off completely. But insomnia is not owning my life currently, or as well as it was when I wrote Insomnia must be in a relationship with the devil.

I’ve never been good with the whole going to bed at a decent hour thing. I mean I once went to bed at nine in the morning and go back up at twelve for finals. I also fixed a pot of coffee that my dad said could stand up by itself. It got me through the night though and well into the morning to finish up bits here and there that semester though.

I digress though.  I say all of this to wish those of you who have started following me and or have been reading me via the links that I tend to post everywhere happy holidays. I’m happy that you’ve taken time and continue to take time out of your day to read what is going on in my crazy life, or the random reviews I have taken the time to write. I plan on posting far more in the new year and hopefully getting up some pieces this week even.  Until then…

I don’t know who made this graphic but it’s lovely and colorful and I love it to pieces.

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