You are my pupshine, my beagle pupshine

My goal yesterday evening was to come home and finish one of the many reviews I’ve started writing, as well as all my convention posts I’ve been slowly putting together for some time now.  Needless to say that has not happened.  Continue reading “You are my pupshine, my beagle pupshine”

Yo ho, a traveler’s life for me

Thursday I went to get my passport.  There was this fear with my sinuses being the way they are I would receive certain looks if I even remotely coughed in public.  Trust me when I say if I could have avoided getting sick the same week I made my passport appointment I would have.  That was not the case though.  And I did the vampire cough and still received looks all the same.  Oh well.  Continue reading “Yo ho, a traveler’s life for me”

Candles Burning book review

When I originally picked up Candles Burning I went into the library to merely grab one book.  This of course lead to me bringing home five books because I have no willpower when it comes to books.  Continue reading “Candles Burning book review”

Too many cop shows have me thinking about murderers and serial killers

I randomly found myself watching an old episode of Criminal Minds where a man’s daughter discovers that he was kidnapping and killing young boys since she was a little girl.  To make matters worse the “presents” that she received after his mood swings over the years were actually trophies from his victims.  Continue reading “Too many cop shows have me thinking about murderers and serial killers”

Germs and depression go away, never come back again another day

I feel like I’ve gone through lulls in my life.  Lulls of sickness.  I remember a lovely time period, my twenties, where I got sick maybe once a year if that.  Other than the time I got the flu I had a great recovery time.  Now, I’m not naive in thinking that we still have that amazing recovery time that we did when we were younger.  Continue reading “Germs and depression go away, never come back again another day”

Murder on the Orient Express film review

While my viewing experiences of late has me in full blown debate mode, I finally decided to view Murder on the Orient Express (2017) on Wednesday in theaters. For years, I have wanted to view the predecessor and recently I have wanted to read the Agatha Christie novel the films are modeled after. Continue reading “Murder on the Orient Express film review”

Always meet the Ash vs Evil Dead cast when possible

The Evil Dead has been one of my favorite movies for some time.  In fact, I remember hearing stories about why I shouldn’t watch the original film in the franchise when I was younger and that made me want to watch them more.  Continue reading “Always meet the Ash vs Evil Dead cast when possible”

Surpassing goals and taking names

I surpassed my goal on Goodreads last year. Granted, I barely thought I would read thirty books by the end of 2017, but somehow managed to read fifty-two. This still shocks me and has made me up my goal for this year to sixty books. Continue reading “Surpassing goals and taking names”

The end of my time with Harry Potter

Welcome to my insane thoughts on the rest of the Harry Potter series.  I’m so glad that you decided to click on the link and continue on my journey with this beloved series last year.  Please remember that my thoughts are not without spoilers.  Continue reading “The end of my time with Harry Potter”

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