The end of my time with Harry Potter

Welcome to my insane thoughts on the rest of the Harry Potter series.  I’m so glad that you decided to click on the link and continue on my journey with this beloved series last year.  Please remember that my thoughts are not without spoilers.  Though I would like to think you do not need to be reminded me of this because you have already read the first part, The beginning of my journey with Harry Potter.  You did not go backwards did you?  Never mind, don’t tell me and just enjoy.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Umbridge. What a crazy bitch. I kept being told You will hate her. and I kept wondering Why?. And then she burned words into Harry’s skin! WHO DOES THAT?! I get that he didn’t really say anything and whatnot, but all I could think was UM, CHILD ABUSE. I wanted to beat her over the head with a stick. I’m glad the centaurs attacked her, my only regret was they didn’t kill her! And just so you all know I will now refer to her like Timmy’s dad does Dinkleberg on The Fairly Oddparents. If you are unsure of how this goes, here is a compilation clip. And I remember when Dumbledore was sacked, I thought surely to God they won’t make her headmaster of the school and when they did I had to close my book because I was so damn angry! JUST NO! DEMON BE GONE! The other AWFUL part of this book was losing Sirius. I did not see that coming and knowing that Harry had to watch his Godfather essentially disappear crushed my soul. COULDN’T JUST LET HIM HAVE A PARENT COULD YOU ROWLING!? Insert a grumble here. On a final note, I must say that Luna Lovegood is precious and I adore her. Maybe that is because I think in many ways I was her, am her, but no one thankfully called me Loony. Lucked out there I suppose.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
This is where I begin to feel bad for Draco. I just realized I haven’t really mentioned him much until now, but before I couldn’t help but think he was an arrogant little twat waffle who annoyed the crap out of me. Ultimately, I ended up wanting to protect him as much as Neville come to think of it. I understand that his “punishment” is to kill Dumbledore, but he’s just a kid. You end up feeling bad for him because he has to witness all these things he thought he wanted, but in the grand scheme of things realizes they are absolutely awful. He can’t even find himself killing Dumbledore, which I was in disbelief for a number of reasons. I legit kept reading thinking WELL DUMBLEDORE IS LIKE GANDALF HE HAS TO COME BACK FROM THE DEAD RIGHT?!?! But noooooooooooo. I read through his funeral in disbelief before taking a mini break cause I was so angry at the fact he was really gone. You know the mature route for someone in their thirties to take. Then of course I was angry ’cause I thought OH MY GOD THEY WERE RIGHT ABOUT SNAPE! I was a bit of a mess that’s for sure. And of course the idea of Horcruxes is one of the most insane things I’ve ever heard. Who would want to rip their soul apart besides Voldermort? No one? Okay good. Glad that’s been decided. Geeze Lousie.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
I knew the last book was going to be rough to get through for me. I just knew. That and everyone around me who had already read it kept looking at me with their prior knowledge that said Oh, you’re going to bawl, but it’ll be fine. And yeah I cried so many times throughout this book. I was upset when Hedwig died, I was upset when Mad Eye Moody died, I cried over Dobby (because WHAT THE HELL!? YOU ALREADY KILLED THE OWL LEAVE THE HOUSE ELF ALONE!), Fred just hurt, but then Lupin and Tonks made me bawl (and I may or may not have yelled out HOW DARE YOU! HARRY YOU ARE MISTAKEN! THEY ARE SLEEPING CAUSE SHE WOULDN’T KILL THEM AFTER TEDDY WAS BORN! OH YOU CRUEL WOMAN! YOU KILLED THEM!), and I cried on and off during the chapter devoted to Snape. And it wasn’t that I didn’t think a lot of characters would die, I just wasn’t expecting half of the ones that died to die. I’m still glad that Molly took down Bellatrix! If not for that reasoning for what she did to Neville’s parents! That poor baby. I wanted to put him in my pocket afterward and carry him around with me so he could be protected forever! Not that he really needed it by the end but still!

Lord knows I could go on and on about this last book. There’s SO many things that could be said. For instance, the doe being Snape’s patronus. I want someone to love me like Snape loved Lily, but for real not from afar. Or the fact that Ron left, but he was given a way to get back because Dumbledore knew him that well! Or you know the fact that when Harry “died” he talked to Dumbledore. The fact that Hermonie and Ron FINALLY end up together, as does Harry and Ginny, and all the babies! And I love LOVE the fact that Teddy and Victorie end up dating. Cutest ending ever. I mean to the point that I kind of don’t want to read the Cursed Child. I don’t know if I’m going to if I’m being honest. I want them all frozen in time and happy. And why? BECAUSE THEY DESERVE TO BE HAPPY AFTER EVERYTHING THEY WENT THROUGH. Gah!

Overall, I feel that the gif above sums up my feelings toward this series. I can’t say I regret reading these. I became so involved that I was staying up far later than I normally do and drinking far more coffee in the morning to function. And when a book series can make you do that sorta thing it’s all sorts of magical. Pun intended.

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