The beginning of my journey with Harry Potter

Despite the fact that my friend Nicole tried to convince me for years to either read or watch Harry Potter, as many others have as well I don’t know how many times, I decided that they were not my thing. And part of this reasoning is because I’ve never been one to read a whole lot of fantasy or sci-fi. Now, unlike others I managed to mostly be spoiler free the majority of the last twenty years. That’s right!  That means the twists and turns were still mostly a surprise for me. Namely because until recently I didn’t even own the films.  Never watch the films either. However, earlier this year I was talking to my friend Gwen and she insisted since the first book was free through Prime I should read it.  Definitely read the books instead of merely watching the movies.

And honestly, she was right. In a lot of ways this franchise reminds me of how sometimes I enjoy songs from genres I do not particularly enjoy as a whole.  Why wouldn’t the same thing apply with books.  DON’T JUST A BOOK BY IT’S GENRE!

So starting in February last year I have started reading Harry Potter on and off and in between other books and here’s some of the glorious reactions you get to partake in. And by the way if you haven’t watched the films or read the books I’m about to spoil these something fierce!  Just promise if you are going to stop reading to come back and read this once you have taken your journey to Hogwarts.  Until then I’ll let you borrow the rock I was under so you can remain spoiler free!  Now let’s begin!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

As previously stated, I started on my Harry Potter adventure this year when I realized if you are a Prime member you can borrow books through Amazon. The first book was available so I thought ‘why not it’s free’.  Then I realized in the waiting room of my doctor’s office one afternoon is that as much as I fought reading these that they were very well written and I couldn’t wait to go home and read more. However, the whole book with everything stacking up against Snape, I felt conflicted. Namely because one of the spoilers I had under my belt was the fact he is killed in the last book. So I thought ‘well they wouldn’t place him as the villain this soon.’ Regardless, Rowling did a good job at distracting me because I did not figure out that Professor Quirrell was the one that had released the troll and had been after Harry all along. I remember I had to be somewhere as I got to the point of that reveal and I debated how bad of a person I would be for telling the people I was meeting with that I had to cancel or that I was running late for reading a young adult novel. I went though! And I came home and finished it the next day because my body insulted me and told me that I could not stay up late to read it. Namely my eyes. They called me a heffer and instructed my brain to tell my ass to lay down. So I did, begrudgingly. Also, I know that Hagrid isn’t the brightest crayon in the box but I love him and I’m so glad that my aunt got me his Funko Pop figure for Christmas.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

I started reading this book one Saturday afternoon when my dad went to help one of my aunts. And then I stayed up until three the next morning and finished the novel. All sorts of ridiculous I know, but I had to know how this turned out more so than get rest. It was so bad I was reading from my Kindle while it was charging. The introduction of Dobby made me wonder what the hell was wrong with this little elf! And then it made me mad that Harry got in trouble for no real reason! Though it was not very smart of Ron and him to drive Arthur’s car to the school because they missed the train either. Impatient children. The whole time that everyone was afraid of Harry was attacking people, I kept thinking WELL IT’S NOT HIM GOOBERS! Granted, I was not even remotely sure who the attacker was until Ginny was revealed and then I felt awful for her and thought WHY WOULD YOU PICK ON HER?! Of course the bigger mind-blowing moment was discovering that Tom Riddle and the owner of the diary of course was Voldermort.  I never saw them being one in the same. AND then Dobby became a free elf and his amazing little journey began to make us all love him. I also got a Dobby figure for Christmas. These books have been bad for me.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This book was insanity to me. We are introduced to Sirius and we all think he is this awful man who turned on James and Lily, when in reality it turns out to be Ron’s flippin’ rat! What?! I remember having to read that part over again because I kept staring at it, squinting somewhat and thinking HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW YOU HAVE A HUMAN AS A PET RAT?! And then I realized that whole sentence is really messed up and immediately felt bad for Ron who was literally carrying around this asshole essentially for three years. Also, can I mention that I love Lupin? I’ve also accepted that I’m obviously attracted to werewolves and if they existed I would fall for one of them. ‘Cause seriously if Lupin were real and I worked at Hogwarts I would have hit on him ’cause he’s flippin’ adorable! Tonks was smart for marrying him and having his baby! Anyway, total weird gush there. I also loved Sirius by the end and couldn’t believe they were going to kill that poor hippogriff because Darco is a little twerp who didn’t listen to Hagrid in the first place! And I realize these are like the worst summaries for the books ever, but these are more of a look inside of my mind than not so there’s that.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Ah. The Tri-wizard tournament that turned into a Quad-wizard tournament. Also, the red squiggly line is trying to tell me that Tri-wizard tournaments aren’t a thing but it accepts Quad-wizard. Seriously? Anyway! Not the point! I feel that the lake task was beyond cruel! And I don’t blame Harry for going back for Fleur’s sister! I’m glad they gave him extra points for that because it was the right thing to do. However, I’m also determined that they were crazy for putting their students through that kind of crap in the first place. I would be telling my Godson and younger cousins DON’T YOU DARE PUT YOUR NAME IN THERE! and giving them stern looks. I don’t think any of them would have listened though as we all are a wee bit stubborn when it comes to competing.

However, Harry being chosen was not even the biggest shock of the book.  The biggest shock of all was Voldermort killing Cedric. I’m still in disbelief over that. Actually, it was a tie between that and Mad Eye Moody not really being Mad Eye Moody for me. However, considering how much I came to adore his character I was SO upset when I thought he had turned on them all. My emotions mirrored that of Harry’s own and it made me really appreciate Rowling’s writing all the more. Of course you find out that he’s Couch’s batshit crazy son and then we get to meet the real Moody, who was really just as awesome as we once believed thankfully. That and you know he wasn’t stuffed into a trunk anymore and that’s a good thing too.

And while I know my thoughts ran rampant during these books, if you want to venture further into my time at Hogwarts make sure you read my follow up, The end of my time with Harry Potter.  After all, you want to know what I think of the last three books right?  Just nod and click the link! Plus, considering that they made the last book into two films I feel that I have divided these appropriately as does my OCD.  You should not have even read this last part and should be reading about my thoughts on the last three books.  Go, go now.


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