Creating Missions to Regain Some Sanity

I have twenty-three pending drafts outside of this one. So now this is twenty-four, until I hit publish and it takes me back down to twenty-three. I typically have grand intentions of what I should be doing with my time or how I can do more. Today, when I was listening to a chapter in a Rachel Hollis book, “Girl, Stop Apologizing,” she pointed out that we have to pick one thing to focus on. Once that goal is complete, we can move onto the other dreams we want to complete. It’s great advice. It makes sense. By dividing focus between one thing or another, one always suffers in the end. In a way, I think I have suffered despite being told about a thousand times a couple of weeks ago to take care of myself. I’m important. I’m reminded of being told in therapy that I have to put the oxygen mask on myself first because if not, I’m no help to anyone else. So with all these thoughts, I wanted to make a declaration of sorts. I feel like I make these, and then I slack off on them, but that stops today. I have to stop that.

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Don’t wake me up if I’m dreaming

Upon waking up for work this morning I immediately wished I was still asleep. It wasn’t until I got to work that I thought of the old theme song to California Dreams. Particularly the lyric I chose to use as my title on this post. I have slept horribly all week. I haven’t gotten a whole 7+ hours of sleep since this weekend. So to say I’ve been dragging and relying on coffee is the understatement of my week. This morning though I went back to sleep. My body clearly needed the rest, but I think my brain did too.

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A Weird Dream Featuring Constantine

Let me start out by saying that by not taking my allergy pill for one day left me all sorts of exhausted. I mean it was ridiculous. I came home Monday and slept until almost eight in the evening. I meant to lay down for like a couple of minutes tops before my cat laid with me and we went to night night land together. This cat is normally close to me, and almost always sleeps in my bed, but this weekend especially she has been all about me, which makes me think my body is finally all, “You getting sick heffer…DEAL WITH IT.” I’m over here still very, “NOPE. NOT HAPPENING. DEUCES!”

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Yo ho, a traveler’s life for me

Thursday I went to get my passport.  There was this fear with my sinuses being the way they are I would receive certain looks if I even remotely coughed in public.  Trust me when I say if I could have avoided getting sick the same week I made my passport appointment I would have.  That was not the case though.  And I did the vampire cough and still received looks all the same.  Oh well.  Continue reading “Yo ho, a traveler’s life for me”

My subconscious is making me paranoid

Why I keep having strange dreams I don’t know. Lucky to those following my blog I feel the need to share them. Though I’m still left tilting my head at the one I had last night, because I don’t think it had the happiest of outcomes. Continue reading “My subconscious is making me paranoid”

I dream of conventions

I realize I did not mention Wonder Woman, but I still hope she won the cosplay contest at Heroes and Villains in Atlanta because she was FANTASTIC.  She was also at the last convention I attended.

I know I have yet to post about my past two conventions, which I plan on writing about soon, but right now I want to discuss my dream last night that took place at a convention.  The only explanation I have to this dream is that I have convention fever at the moment.  Continue reading “I dream of conventions”

The only rat I appreciate is Master Splinter

I haven’t had nightmares in forever.  At least not ones that I can remember or vivid.  And in the past two weeks I’ve had two insanely vivid nightmares about rats to the point I woke up.  The first time I sat up in my bed and my heart was beating insanely fast and last night I literally got out of bed and said what the hell is going on loud enough that my dad asked me if I was okay. Continue reading “The only rat I appreciate is Master Splinter”

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