A Weird Dream Featuring Constantine

Let me start out by saying that by not taking my allergy pill for one day left me all sorts of exhausted. I mean it was ridiculous. I came home Monday and slept until almost eight in the evening. I meant to lay down for like a couple of minutes tops before my cat laid with me and we went to night night land together. This cat is normally close to me, and almost always sleeps in my bed, but this weekend especially she has been all about me, which makes me think my body is finally all, “You getting sick heffer…DEAL WITH IT.” I’m over here still very, “NOPE. NOT HAPPENING. DEUCES!”

Anyway, I went to sleep and from that point on I had the weirdest dream I’ve had in a while and it encompassed virtually every single show I’m currently watching or binge watched at some point this year to get caught up on okay? I remember being in the grocery store talking with Ruby from Good Girls when suddenly the entire store went dark. Horror film much? Uh huh. When the lights came back on though Constantine was there informing me, just me, that I was in danger. Ruby essentially girl byed me, not that I blame her cause her character has a lot going on right now, and I stood there dumbfounded with Constantine. Matt Ryan’s Constantine at that.

I left behind a buggy full of stuff, cause apparently I’m super rude in my dream, and follow him outside. The stranger part? We are in Florida. Apparently I was vacationing, which is kind of hilarious to me because to me because that represents how we cannot even get away from our demons on vacation. If they are embedded in us they will follow us around while we’re trying to have fun too. So yeah, anywho. Constantine is going on and on about this demon who is coming after me because of my association with him and he can’t deal with having something happen to me because of him. Insert huge awwwwwwwwwww here.

I tell him it’s fine and I got this. Apparently I’m as badass as Sara Lance in my dreams. He tells me I don’t understand because this demon will take the form of someone I love. So when we go into the hotel room most of my family is there, but my dad is the only one that says anything. Constantine proceeds to throw holy water on all of them. My dad informs me this is why I shouldn’t hang out with weirdos. I can’t say I blame him for telling me this in this instance all things considered. Regardless, we are safe for the time being and everyone tells me they are going to the pool.

Constantine pleads with me not to go with them. When I tell him I can no longer live my life fearing everyone or everything, he insists he will go with me. Mr. Trenchcoat poolside ladies and gentlemen. As we are walking toward the pool, which is super far away for some reason, the sky grows dark and he determines it is because the demon is on its way. By the time we make it to the pool, the waves within the pool are far larger than they should be and I cannot help but think he might be onto something with this whole demon business.

That’s when I see Sam Winchester! Only he was in demon format and the love of my life. I cannot believe that Satan would do this to me! How dare he take Sam! Constantine immediately starts trying to use the water from the pool to take care of Sam as everyone else is scattering cause a dude with red glowing eyes is poolside now with Mr. Trenchcoat. My dad is pulling on my arm as I’m screaming, “NO I HAVE TO SAVE HIM!” And the odd part of all this is you would think it would be me screaming about the love of my life, but no I was worried and talking about Constantine who yelled at me to go with my dad.

As my dad drags me back toward the room to take shelter, I get away from him and run back to the pool to help Constantine who thinks he has taken care of the threat. He reveals to me that he loves me and that I really need to go. I told him I couldn’t go though because I loved him too and I couldn’t let anything happen to him either. Me merely standing there causes more trouble than not because he is now distracted and Demon Sam is taking form again for round two. As I attempt to warn Constantine, the entire sky turned red and a huge flash of white occurred and that’s when I woke up.

DID DEMON SAM KILL US?! LIKE WHAT!? I’m so confused by this dream this but I do think that some of the moments in the dream meant something. I think the addition of some of my favorite characters was a nice little bonus. Regardless it has me wondering what weird dreams others have had involving characters from a television show. Feel free to comment and share! Or if you have an opinion on what this all means feel free to share that too.

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