The Strain book review

Let me start out by saying I attempted to watch The Strain television program when the show first aired on FX back in 2014. After three episodes I deleted the entire first season and never looked back on the program again. Continue reading “The Strain book review”

Yes, Please book review

I was lucky enough back in September to finish two books in the same day. One audiobook and one hardcover book. Yes, Please was the audiobook I finished. And I can honestly say my cat, Oliver, was happier with the audiobook route so I could pet him/have him lay on me as I finished.  Continue reading “Yes, Please book review”

The Mountain Between Us film review

A while back I remember seeing a huge cardboard advertisement for The Mountain Between Us. I immediately thought of how much I loved both the actors within the film and told myself to see if there was a trailer already out when I arrived home that afternoon. The film appeared intriguing and I am happy with the pick I made early in October when I had a day off I normally do not. Continue reading “The Mountain Between Us film review”

Tequila infused blueberries

I finally tried the blueberry and pineapple margarita at Chili’s. I have to admit that out of all the margaritas I’ve tried this is by far one of my favorite ones. And this is not just because I love tequila, blueberries, and pineapple. Oh no sir. Continue reading “Tequila infused blueberries”

Billboards really can have a lasting effect

Maybe I am not ready to let go of Christmas just yet. Though in fall fairness I do not celebrate Christmas as long as everyone else. I feel like in today’s society we practically start celebrating in July. I love Christmas, don’t get me wrong, but I believe that every holiday has its place and Christmas is after Thanksgiving.   Continue reading “Billboards really can have a lasting effect”

I don’t feel like dirt anymore

Five more days until Christmas and I finally feel good again. Since November I have been sick on and off, which has left me drained during the prime times I sit down to either read and/or write. Continue reading “I don’t feel like dirt anymore”

Restoring faith in humanity one Christmas movie at a time

Just like Christmas songs, there are also Christmas movies that must accompany the holiday season.  Despite viewing most of these an insane amount of times, and most since childhood, I still have the desire to sit on my couch, with a blanket, maybe some coffee or hot chocolate and watch them every holiday season.  Continue reading “Restoring faith in humanity one Christmas movie at a time”

Why it is difficult to lose anyone in the zombie apocalypse

Please note if you have not watched the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, spoilers lie ahead.  Now that my warning is out of the way… Continue reading “Why it is difficult to lose anyone in the zombie apocalypse”

My subconscious is making me paranoid

Why I keep having strange dreams I don’t know. Lucky to those following my blog I feel the need to share them. Though I’m still left tilting my head at the one I had last night, because I don’t think it had the happiest of outcomes. Continue reading “My subconscious is making me paranoid”

It’s not Christmas until I hear these songs

At work the past three days we’ve decided to listen to Christmas music. Today we have started listening to a Country Christmas station Amazon has provided. I immediately recognize Johnny Cash’s voice as Little Drummer Boy comes on and realize he is leaves out the pa rum pum pum pum’s. Continue reading “It’s not Christmas until I hear these songs”

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