My subconscious is making me paranoid

Why I keep having strange dreams I don’t know. Lucky to those following my blog I feel the need to share them. Though I’m still left tilting my head at the one I had last night, because I don’t think it had the happiest of outcomes. I also feel the need to preface this with the friend who abandoned me in the dream would never abandon me in real life. At least I don’t think she has some master plan to do so. I’d like to think once you’ve known someone for ten plus years you have the right to make that declaration, but that is not the point!

My dream takes place with my friends Sarah and Traci somewhere in Atlanta. Here is the odd part of said dream already. I have not seen Traci since I quit working at Dollar General. And literally the last time I saw her was the first time since middle school. She moved, her number changed, etc. I found out that Traci has two boys and a husband now and thinking I would see her again or we’d find each other on Facebook my dumbass did not think to give her my actual telephone number. So yes. Friend who I miss, but don’t talk to for those reasons went with Sarah and me to some event in Atlanta. I’m still unsure of what event we were attending at the time. I’m assuming it was a concert because of the crowd as we were exiting.

We’re walking to the car and then magically in the car. Just like that though we’re magically out of the car and walking in the middle of a race taking place between cones on the highway with traffic traveling all around. Talk about a hazard! Worst idea ever! I’m not sure what the run was supposed to be benefitting, but Sarah insisted we weren’t that far from wherever she parked her car and could walk the rest of the way home. At some point Traci gets lost in the crowd among the runners, because she has managed to get on that path and not the sidewalk/bike path. While I stop to assist Traci, Sarah abandons us.

Shortly thereafter we both realize that we are in the Marietta Square. I know this because despite the fact that the Krystal out there is now a Starbucks in the dream, the Krystal burnt down and I was trying to get Traci to go into Starbucks with me. Upon realizing how far away we were from my home, I told her to start trying to call her husband and I would try to contact my dad. Keep in mind, this is twelve miles away and that might not seem like a lot to you, but that is a crazy walk for me. And that’s coming from someone who adapted to walking three to five miles five days a week.

As I try to cross the street, Traci is trying to see if she can get someone to give us a ride home while trying to call her husband. I realize by the time I get to the Starbucks that I have lost her again and my dad won’t pick up his cellphone. I end up crossing the street again to look for her when she waves me over. Her husband informs her that twelve miles is nothing and that we can walk home. We’ll be fine. I am yelling about how this is bullshit. The whole situation is bullshit when I hear the Scooby Doo theme song to realize my dad is calling.

By that point I have broken down and I’m crying outside of the Starbucks to my dad. He tells me that he doesn’t understand why Sarah left us in the first place and starts complaining. I tell him none of that matters and ask him again if he can come and get us. This was of course when I woke up so I’m left not knowing if my dad would have come to get us! Only I know he would have in all reality because my dad would never leave me stranded anywhere. He has proven that a couple of times due to unforuate breakdowns.

But I’m seriously beginning to wonder if I have flippin’ deep seeded abandonment issues because of my dreams. STARTING TO GET A COMPLEX SUBCONSCIOUS. THANKS A LOT.


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