My dad will go down with his ship

Back in 2003, when the Dawson’s Creek finale aired my family and I sat down to watch the finale episodes.  Most of the household was happy, until they killed off Jen the tears flowed freely from my mom and me. For a while my mom and I remained two against one and were Team Pacey.  Continue reading “My dad will go down with his ship”

50/50 film review

When 50/50 (2011) came out in theaters, I couldn’t help but think, ‘This would be a horrible theater movie.’ I made my assumption upon knowing the feature was about a man diagnosed with cancer.  Continue reading “50/50 film review”

My online world is glamorous

One of the coolest parts of blogging for me is looking at the country stats everyday that Word Press provides. My stats mention the European Union, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Romania, Ukraine, and the United States. I love knowing that I’m reaching numerous countries. And honestly every like, every person, hopefully comments in the future, gives me reason to keep writing. It makes the twenty drafts, yes literally twenty, I am working on worth it. Sometimes I feel like I have more ideas and topics I want to write about than I have time for. When I feel overwhelmed though I remind myself that I have to take things one day at a time and that’s okay. Everyone else will think that’s okay too because something tells me those writers out there with anxiety feels the same way. Continue reading “My online world is glamorous”

The Princess Saves Herself in this One book review

After I finished There’s Someone Inside Your House back in January, I started The Princess Saves Herself in this One by Amanda Lovelace.  I also finished the book of poetry through tired eyes because it’s a book that spoke to me on so many levels.  Continue reading “The Princess Saves Herself in this One book review”

Ghost Ship film review

I cannot exactly pinpoint when I watched Ghost Ship (2002) for the first time. What I can remember is that I have not been able to rid the feature from my mind since. The beauty of Ghost Ship is that is not the typical ghost film. The film takes place on boat in the ocean. One would think the added creepiness that can take place within a haunted house would not work on an ocean liner, but that’s the farthest thing from the truth. Continue reading “Ghost Ship film review”

Investing in yourself is never wrong

If you have seen Steel Magnolias you remember the part where Spud reveals her second store to Truvy and she yells out, “I’M A CHAIN!”  I felt that way earlier when finally creating a domain name. I have debated on getting a domain and upgrading my blog to some degree since I started it, but I could never think of what name I wanted to go by.  Did I want to go by my own?  Did I want to come up with something a bit more creative?  The truth is I did not know.  The more I thought about my friend mentioning getting my site, the more I started pondering this question.  And then last week I started looking at prices here on WordPress.  Yesterday I received an email letting me know there was a thirty percent discount on all upgrades.  I took that as my sign. Continue reading “Investing in yourself is never wrong”

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? film review

For years, many shows and films have mentioned the film What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? in some way. After so many years of hearing about the feature through all these references, I thought the only thing to do was actually view the film. Continue reading “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? film review”

We should all walk out and walk up

Protesting is important. Letting people know we have a voice is important. Since the discussions of a national walk out started, people have openly chastised the students partaking.  People continually mock these students, these children, for attempting to push change on us as a country.  Continue reading “We should all walk out and walk up”

NOS4A2 book review

Since watching Horns, I wanted to read at least one Joe Hill’s novels. While watching Horns, I felt very reminiscent of his father’s work.  In particular, Stephen King’s It. Upon seeing one of Joe Hill’s books listed as one of the book club books chosen last year I grew excited to read NOS4A2. Continue reading “NOS4A2 book review”

‘Cause who’d wanna leave Cyberland anyway?

There’s always one song that I tend to go to when I’m feeling stuck.  For some reason that song is Over The Moon.  Yes, the RENT song.  There’s something oddly therapeutic about singing along with those lyrics.  Continue reading “‘Cause who’d wanna leave Cyberland anyway?”

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