My online world is glamorous

One of the coolest parts of blogging for me is looking at the country stats everyday that Word Press provides. My stats mention the European Union, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Romania, Ukraine, and the United States. I love knowing that I’m reaching numerous countries. And honestly every like, every person, hopefully comments in the future, gives me reason to keep writing. It makes the twenty drafts, yes literally twenty, I am working on worth it. Sometimes I feel like I have more ideas and topics I want to write about than I have time for. When I feel overwhelmed though I remind myself that I have to take things one day at a time and that’s okay. Everyone else will think that’s okay too because something tells me those writers out there with anxiety feels the same way.

I bring this up because the internet is an amazing and funny place. When I finally talked my parents into having a computer in my room one of the biggest things I remember hearing was not to talk to people online. But over the years I’ve made plenty of friends online. Some through writing, some in chat rooms, and some on Facebook through games. And the odd part of having online friends is that they are there for you as the ones you know in person. They are still real friends. There is no such thing as saying in real life when it comes to these people. Real friends are those who listen to us when we feel so lost that we don’t know where to turn next.  And quite frankly a few of you on here who have listed to me an insane amount over the years.

A part of me started thinking about this the other day when one of my friends mentioned that she couldn’t believe how long it has been since we started talking.  And when I say we, I refer to the other two women that has made me part of a trio over the past fourteen years.  While some people might find talking to someone online that long, I find it incredible.  We have had our ups and downs.  We have gone periods without talking to one another, but when push comes to shove we are always there for each other.  We always encourage each other.  These are just two of the people who have given me faith in humanity over the years.  They have truly helped me in ways they don’t even know.  And sometimes I think we have all taken turn in the therapist seat for the other two.

These two women, along with others, have shown me that while trolls exist, there are far more people like them that are part of the world that exists beneath my fingertips. I’m beyond grateful for them and hope that people are grateful for me as well.  Positivity is so hard to maintain at times.  And I feel that part of that is because of all those around us who have these negative mindsets.  There are people who purposely try to keep us down so that we sit back and think that we cannot better ourselves.  The truth is that we should always strive to better ourselves.  And more importantly we shouldn’t settle for something we feel lukewarm about overall.  That includes our friends both online and offline.

Surround yourself with people and positive notions.  They won’t drag you completely out of a funk, but they will at least put a small smirk on your face and that means something.  Sometimes putting goodness in the world really does help.  I know that might sound crazy, but sometimes you just have to speak something into existence.  Once those words are out there in the universe, sometimes the determination that goes with moving forward with your life and taking chances comes with them.

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