Honestly, I Wanna Be Brave

I think a lot of times, we believe we are stuck when we need that weird push. Or maybe that is just me. That is how the pandemic had me feeling. I felt like I was stuck, and no matter what I tried to accomplish or what job I applied for, my destiny would end up being retail. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it, but if you’ve ever worked retail, you might know what my enthusiasm to go back is lacking currently. For a while, I felt like nothing was going to change. Every writing job I applied for either turned out to be a scam; please be careful on Indeed, or I would never hear back from them.

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Creating Missions to Regain Some Sanity

I have twenty-three pending drafts outside of this one. So now this is twenty-four, until I hit publish and it takes me back down to twenty-three. I typically have grand intentions of what I should be doing with my time or how I can do more. Today, when I was listening to a chapter in a Rachel Hollis book, “Girl, Stop Apologizing,” she pointed out that we have to pick one thing to focus on. Once that goal is complete, we can move onto the other dreams we want to complete. It’s great advice. It makes sense. By dividing focus between one thing or another, one always suffers in the end. In a way, I think I have suffered despite being told about a thousand times a couple of weeks ago to take care of myself. I’m important. I’m reminded of being told in therapy that I have to put the oxygen mask on myself first because if not, I’m no help to anyone else. So with all these thoughts, I wanted to make a declaration of sorts. I feel like I make these, and then I slack off on them, but that stops today. I have to stop that.

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Trust Me When I Say Self-Sabotaging Gets You Nowhere

Burn out can be real. There has to be a happy balance between life and what you want to do. Sometimes, over-thinking can become detrimental, and other times, we become victims of a woe-is-me mentality. These words aren’t to negate those feelings, but ultimately I found myself in this place where I was thinking of the past. I found myself thinking about all the times that I stopped when people had “got me” per se. And it’s not about fear at that point. It’s about getting hung up on what someone else thinks of you. 

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I’m just a daydreamer one of those hopeless believers

I have been trying to catch up on the Arrowverse for a while now.  I’m finally all caught up on all four shows.  During the last season season two of Supergirl Cat Grant said, “Life is long and you will be many people before the end. This quote has stuck with me for some time now.  I think sometimes we are many different people, yet the same person.  I have thought a lot this past year about facades and what we show people and what we don’t.  I’ve try to be as open as possible, but I do think certain events in our lives that change us.  I’m not the same person I was before losing Chris.  I’m not the same person I was before losing my mom.  Both versions before suffering those losses in my life are distant thoughts.  I honestly cannot remember those versions of myself.

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Anxiety is a crippling asshole

I’m not sure why, but for as long as I can remember when upset there is one artist I tend to listen to. I know that most people will assume that artist is Garth Brooks, but oddly enough no. Yes, every now and then there is a combination of the artist I plan on writing about with Garth and others, but the music I always listen to when upset is Alan Jackson. Why? I have no idea. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, but something I remember my mom realizing and pointing out to me once upon a time. I feel oddly better afterward, typically, and as if all of the sadness I’ve been feeling has been sucked from my body and tossed aside. Hopefully not to someone else, but aside nonetheless. Continue reading “Anxiety is a crippling asshole”

I’m a Logan Echolls voicemail message

Recently I’ve thought a lot about how we cannot please everyone in life. I wish there was a way we could. And that’s not because I’m a people pleaser, but because I want everyone I know to say they are happy. I want everyone to live the best life they possibly can. Continue reading “I’m a Logan Echolls voicemail message”

My online world is glamorous

One of the coolest parts of blogging for me is looking at the country stats everyday that Word Press provides. My stats mention the European Union, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Romania, Ukraine, and the United States. I love knowing that I’m reaching numerous countries. And honestly every like, every person, hopefully comments in the future, gives me reason to keep writing. It makes the twenty drafts, yes literally twenty, I am working on worth it. Sometimes I feel like I have more ideas and topics I want to write about than I have time for. When I feel overwhelmed though I remind myself that I have to take things one day at a time and that’s okay. Everyone else will think that’s okay too because something tells me those writers out there with anxiety feels the same way. Continue reading “My online world is glamorous”

Investing in yourself is never wrong

If you have seen Steel Magnolias you remember the part where Spud reveals her second store to Truvy and she yells out, “I’M A CHAIN!”  I felt that way earlier when finally creating a domain name. I have debated on getting a domain and upgrading my blog to some degree since I started it, but I could never think of what name I wanted to go by.  Did I want to go by my own?  Did I want to come up with something a bit more creative?  The truth is I did not know.  The more I thought about my friend mentioning getting my site, the more I started pondering this question.  And then last week I started looking at prices here on WordPress.  Yesterday I received an email letting me know there was a thirty percent discount on all upgrades.  I took that as my sign. Continue reading “Investing in yourself is never wrong”

start being excited about what could go right

My mom hated my first name. Every now and then this is a story I share with people. She hated the name Christina, yet made a compromise with my dad when I was born that could be my first name. They agreed I would go by my middle name, which as everyone knows is Michelle. For years when people ask me my middle name and I say Michelle they laugh and tell me to stop joking. Only I’m not joking. I even have friends who are so used to me being Michelle they often times forget my first name is Christina.

I’m what I have dubbed people over the years as middle namers. I’m a middle namer because my mom hated the typically shortened version of Christina, which is Christy. She never thought about people calling me Chris though. I don’t know if she would have necessarily enjoyed that either. Maybe that is because I somehow got stuck with the nickname Mitchell in middle school and she didn’t quite understand that one either. The stranger part is I got called Michael by various students passing back papers my whole life too.

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