Green hair does care

Happiness is Joker green hair.

I have had green hair since March fifteenth.  That’s right.  Two days before St. Patrick’s Day I willing bleached my hair at the salon and my amazing stylist, Katie Hartig, helped me achieve straight green locks.  I was beyond excited for my green hair debut.  Of course I’m always excited when I go into the salon and know I’m coming out with a new look entirely.  This was not because I hated having blue hair.  I actually loved having blue hair.  I remember initially when I made my decision to dye my hair blue I felt sad.  For some reason I felt more uplifted when my hair was blue than I ever have in life.  I cannot explain why, Continue reading “Green hair does care”


The answer is five, but may be four

I normally don’t take the time to just post mainly pictures, but I cannot help but share my adorable puppy off.  Thankfully our outside time consisted of less sneezing today and more cuddle time.  Continue reading “The answer is five, but may be four”

Spring is attempting to kill me per usual

Every Spring I embrace a bottle of allergy medicine.  This year I have found the pollen is the worst it has ever been for me and considering that my allergies triggered my vertigo a couple of seasons ago, I have found myself changing allergy pills for this lovely Spring allergy season.  I try to get as ahead of the game as I can.The rest of the year I can go back to my measly 10mg antihistamine, but for now I am in need of my 180mg version.  This is a sad truth.  A sadder truth is that I do not even have to step outside to have what I have dubbed a sneeze attack.  I have them most mornings, though since I had to take my allergy pill at night this weekend I’ve had them at night when I get home. Continue reading “Spring is attempting to kill me per usual”

Perception often causes alternate realities

I typically attempt being the bigger person. We all have our moments though where that becomes impossible. There is always a breaking point. I’ve had a lot of thoughts on this matter of late. Continue reading “Perception often causes alternate realities”

Gimmie a hell yeah for nineties wrestling

Let me tell you something brother!  This is one of the many catchphrases heard in what I consider the greatest era of professional wrestling.  There was something about growing up in what the WWE (WWF at the time) has affectionately dubbed the Attitude Era.  The truth is that era is not the only reason  nineties professional wrestling great.  There were so many elements that made my family and me to get in our cars, hop on Marta, and go to the arena to watch these matches live.  These were the days before all the nitty-gritty details were available online and in documentaries.  I don’t know if that necessarily made wrestling more magical or not, but I cannot say that wrestling today is exciting as it once was. Continue reading “Gimmie a hell yeah for nineties wrestling”

I’m still comfy on the big orange couch

Once upon a time, back in the nineties there were two popular programming blocks. One of them took place on Friday evenings, and the other on Saturday evenings. On Saturdays my friends and I sat in front of our television screens on a big comfy orange couch.  Continue reading “I’m still comfy on the big orange couch”

A trip down memory lane never hurt anyone

Over the years, I’ve known people who view nostalgia as living in the past. In fact, I was once told by one of my best friends that I needed to grow up instead of continuing on my journey with the power rangers. I remember that mainly because she wrote it in my yearbook and I read her words over again and laughed. My laughter came about namely because one of my goals this summer is to meet the original Red Ranger, Austin St. John. And if I’m being entirely honest I still watch episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers because as cheesy as they are they make me feel good when life is less than spectacular.  I even enjoyed the film that came out in 2017.  Power Rangers is a beautiful reboot of the original series.  Though I will admit viewing new actors in the same roles by the same name was certainly different within the series, but I enjoyed it all the same. Continue reading “A trip down memory lane never hurt anyone”

I’m a Logan Echolls voicemail message

Recently I’ve thought a lot about how we cannot please everyone in life. I wish there was a way we could. And that’s not because I’m a people pleaser, but because I want everyone I know to say they are happy. I want everyone to live the best life they possibly can. Continue reading “I’m a Logan Echolls voicemail message”

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