Rear Window Film Review

Today’s throwback review is about the film Rear Window (1954). Rear Window is by far one of this writer’s favorite films. During one of my film classes, I was lucky enough to see the film the way Hitchcock intended. This film is one of the Hitchcock films I had seen before the class. During the course, we also had to give reports on the various movies shown. Rear Window is the film I signed up for on the sheet being passed row to row.  

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Sacred Viewings

Growing up with my mom I became exposed me to a variety of shows. Soap operas were a given in my household. I started watched ABC soaps when I was in elementary school as I did my homework in the afternoon. This left me primarily watching General Hospital unless my mother had recorded All My Children and One Life to Live. Over the years, this made me a fan of One Life to Live and General Hospital. Some of the other shows she was big on were Little House on the PrairieGunsmoke, and Bonanza. My mom and I also started watching Grey’s Anatomy together when I was in college because of Patrick Dempsey. However, out of all the ones I’ve listed, there’s only one I cannot watch anymore without her.

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Poetry Full Steam Ahead

I’m not sure if people know it or not, but April is National Poetry Month. Toward the end of March, I had a hankering for some poetry in my life. I read two of Amanda Lovelace’s book series, “the things that h(a)unt” and the latest poetry book from Margaret Atwood, “Dearly.” I enjoyed all the books for numerous reasons. I also bought a couple more the other day. Rupi Kaur’s “home body” and Iain S. Thomas’s “the truth of you,” which I look forward to reading soon. I also have some other poetry books that I haven’t gotten around to reading that I’m going to try and plan into this month as well, putting me away ahead of schedule on my reading goal this year. And considering how this year started, I did not think I’d be able to say that.

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Alone Can Look Pretty But Not Always

I don’t know what made me want to listen to The Backstreet Boys the other night, but I’m sitting here listening to them again. One album in particular. Their Never Gone album. I’m in such disbelief that it came out in 2005, but this album is by far my favorite album of theirs. Maybe I should listen to their newer albums to make more of a definitive statement, but this album is one I have come back to on many occasions. It puts me in a great headspace, a great mood; everything about it is love. Every time I start listening to it, I can sing along with every song. Today is no different.

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Wite-Out Control

I tend to plan anything involving reading and writing now. I block out times to read books. I’ve been aiming to read an hour from an eBook or an actual book. I also aim to listen to at least an hour of an audiobook. Reading is always a great way to help our writing. And soon, I’m going to be reading one of five books focused on writing. This week by the time I get through my days, I’m SO ready for bed that my reading times have fallen by the wayside. There have been many little x’s in my planner or a note of Thurs. to make it up tomorrow. The other thing there is a lot in my planner is wite-out.

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Gnats From Hell

This week everywhere I went in our house, I saw numerous gnats. I kept wondering, “Where the hell are all these little fuckers coming from?!” As some of you might know already, I’ve been decluttering and cleaning, in general, this week. These actions lead me to the gnat issue. Some produce had gone HORRIBLY bad and slid off the back of the stove and onto my dad’s old turntable. As soon as I moved some things back to throw away, a ton of gnats came at me and have been coming ever since. 

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Crying Wolf Keeps Oliver Trapped In A Room

I’ve got my home office, which doubles over as my workout space, the way I want it for the most part. Once my uncle can practice carpentry again, I’m going to have him build me some shelves. Once I have the shelves, I will display about a thousand items I have collected over the years. I also want to paint the room yellow; there’s something I thought I would NEVER type, take up the carpet in there if there’s hardwood underneath, and shine it up real good. I probably will get a rug, but I’m getting new curtains at some point. These ideas are all in my head right now, alongside a much-needed new desk. Patience is a virtue right now in my case. I know that eventually, this will all look the way I want it to look. The other thing I know is I want to change up my actual bedroom some too, but that’s another blog post for another day.

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Rope Film Review

In a lot of ways, Rope (1948) has inspired several feature films. Two that come to mind are Rear Window (1954) and Murder by Numbers (2002). Next week, I will post my Mise-en-scène analysis of Hitchcock’s Rope and Rear Window using Rope and Rear Window’s opening scenes

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About Last Night

I have spent the better part of this past week decluttering in some manner and cleaning almost every single day. The truth is, I am going to be doing that again this week too but on a lesser scale. To say I’m tired when I lay down is the understatement of the year so far. However, Sunday night, around 12:30 in the morning, I noticed a light out of the corner of my eye. This light came from my dad’s room as I heard him moving around. As soon as I noticed this, I laid down my tablet and asked him if he were okay. He told me no.

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