What is your favorite movie from childhood?

Growing up in the late eighties and early nineties was the best childhood that anyone could have wanted.  I’m clearly beyond biased in this scenario, but four of the greatest superheros were create in 1984, also the year I was born.  Coincidence?  Yes, but I want to say no here and reap in the greatness that became known around the world as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  And who wouldn’t?  Continue reading “What is your favorite movie from childhood?”

Who is your favorite director?

Picking a favorite director was not an easy task for me.  There are so many directors I love, but I realized there’s only one director who has a filmography where I love each and every film I’ve seen.  I really do need to make it a priority to see Yoga Hosers.  And if that does not tell you who I have chosen as my favorite director, I will reveal that in 5….4….3….2….1… Continue reading “Who is your favorite director?”

What is a movie that you know practically the whole script?

One day a while back I remember being beyond excited upon seeing the script for Scream was available to purchase. This was not how I learned practically the whole script of Scream. No, I watched Scream probably an abnormal amount of times and Scream 2 as well.  In fact, when I was in middle school I had a yellow folder where I wrote an obscene amount of quotes.  Continue reading “What is a movie that you know practically the whole script?”

What is a movie that makes you sad?

What’s a challenge if we do not talk about the movie that makes us sad after the one that makes us happy?  Some might say a good one, but there is only one movie that without fail that always makes me cry.  Others come close, but nothing ever compares to My Girl. Continue reading “What is a movie that makes you sad?”

What is a movie that makes you happy?

There about a hundred films I can list today that make me happy.  In fact, whenever I have been traumatized by a movie or television I will put in the original My Little Pony movie.  You know, the one from the eighties with the purple ooze?  I will also do this with the Power Rangers show and their original movie too.  How weird is it that the Power Ranger movie also has purple ooze also?  I feel like the nineties and eighties had some weird purple ooze obsession that I just realized.  Then of course you have Happy Gilmore, Never Been Kissed, 10 Things I Hate About You, and a slew of other films.  But ultimately I decided to write about a movie that has a man who needed to learn to relax and a hooker with a heart of gold. Continue reading “What is a movie that makes you happy?”

What is your favorite comedy?

I have an odd memory when it comes to movies.  I tend to remember who I have seen what film with over the years.  This is especially true when it comes to going to the theater.  In fact, I can tell you that in 1995 I somehow talked my dad into going to see Clueless.  I cannot remember what had me so determined to watch this one in theaters, but I suppose that is besides the point.  Continue reading “What is your favorite comedy?”

What is your favorite drama?

While I used to insist that drama was one of my least favorite film categories, the older I get the more I enjoy a good drama.  Of course as long as the movie is amazing then it really doesn’t matter what genre the film belongs to if I’m being entirely honest with myself.  Continue reading “What is your favorite drama?”

What’s your favorite scary movie?

If I’m being honest that is not how the question/request for day four is worded.  The truth is I’ve seen Scream one too many times and I had to write the question that way.  It was a must.  With that said I’m oddly enough not writing about Scream today.  That comes later on, which is why I went with one of my other favorite horror films.  Continue reading “What’s your favorite scary movie?”

What is your favorite action/adventure movie?

Let me admit that for this category I actually went online to look at what movies I love that fall into the action/adventure category.  I will also admit that I almost listed Cold Mountain as my favorite movie for this category.  Why?  It was on one of the many lists I read to get come up with what my favorite action/adventure movie happened to be.  I just don’t consider that to be an action/adventure movie.  I consider it to be more of a drama. Continue reading “What is your favorite action/adventure movie?”

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