Introducing Stef Amadeus

I didn’t tell my friend I planned on writing this today about her, but trust me when I tell you that she deserves it. Stef and I met online a billion years ago. Okay, maybe not a billion, but I’ve known her for almost two decades now, which feels insane to write. She’s exceptionally talented and has always been going for her dreams in some format. When she moved to San Diego, she would tell me about all the plays Stef partook in while living there, and it made me wish I lived there or had the time or money to visit while she was doing such out there.

Last year and this year, she worked hard to write her own material and become the singer that destiny has laid out for her. I bring all this up because yesterday her single, You & I, dropped! Listen to it as soon as possible on the numerous platforms available here. I love what she did to the track and cannot speak highly enough of it. It’s incredible, and I cannot believe you are still reading this instead of checking it out. The only other thing you should read is a bit of her history that I grabbed from Spotify.

It started with a love of theater that trickled its way into Stef’s life at the young age of 5. Ever since then, being on stage has become a routine experience and a center of joy in her life. Music came naturally to this self-taught pianist and vocalist, who has performed in dozens of musicals and multiple venues all across three states. Stef started her journey in music writing pop-rock tunes with various bands in Southern California. Now, Stef Amadeus is branching out, and her pop career is taking off in the form of sweet melodies, energetic tones, and songs about the best parts of love, life, and friendship.

Seriously, listen now. Follow Stef. Buy her single. Support her. 

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