Introducing Stef Amadeus

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Gimmie a hell yeah for nineties wrestling

Let me tell you something brother!  This is one of the many catchphrases heard in what I consider the greatest era of professional wrestling.  There was something about growing up in what the WWE (WWF at the time) has affectionately dubbed the Attitude Era.  The truth is that era is not the only reason  nineties professional wrestling great.  There were so many elements that made my family and me to get in our cars, hop on Marta, and go to the arena to watch these matches live.  These were the days before all the nitty-gritty details were available online and in documentaries.  I don’t know if that necessarily made wrestling more magical or not, but I cannot say that wrestling today is exciting as it once was. Continue reading “Gimmie a hell yeah for nineties wrestling”

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