Halloween film review

While taking my first film class at Kennesaw State University our professor announced that the whole class was going to take part in watching a horror film on Halloween. The class got the chance to vote on various films, but deep down I hoped we would be watching the John Carpenter classic, Halloween. Continue reading “Halloween film review”

Night of the Living Dead film review

I cannot remember the exact moment I had the pleasure to watch George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. Besides, who can forget Johnny (Russell Streiner) insisting, “They’re coming to get you, Barbara!”

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The last weekend trip to Conventionland

Let me start by saying despite the fact we were busier on this day than the first for some reason I felt more laid back by this point.  Maybe that is because these conventions kind of make me feel like I’m at home.  Continue reading “The last weekend trip to Conventionland”

Shenanigans with one of my Ethels in a movie parking lot

I think in life we all try to be a Lucy.  Maybe this is because I was raised on I Love Lucy and all these other older shows because of Nick-at-Nite.  I’m not really sure.  But I’m running with this!  So in my life as Lucy I feel that I have two Ethels.  Continue reading “Shenanigans with one of my Ethels in a movie parking lot”

Adventures of Michelle in Conventionland

Back to the exciting adventures of Michelle in Conventionland!  I have now made up a word.  I feel this is an acceptable part of my life as I tend to do these sort of things all the time.  Today you are joining me for day two of my 2016 Walker Stalker Con journey.  Continue reading “Adventures of Michelle in Conventionland”

I got tagged

On most social media sites these days you are always getting tagged in something.  Okay maybe not.  I feel like I do not get tagged in a lot, but generally when I do I participate in them even if it takes me what feels like a proverbial five years to complete whatever survey I have been asked to fill out. Continue reading “I got tagged”

Conventions are addictive

Last year was my first Walker Stalker Convention. This was almost my first convention ever, but then Supernatural had to swoop in at the last second and come to Atlanta the weekend before! I’m not talking about that convention right now though so more on that later. This upcoming weekend I will get to take part in my second Walker Stalker Convention and I could not be more excited if I tried. Continue reading “Conventions are addictive”

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women film review

From the moment I saw the trailer for Professor Marston and the Wonder Women I hoped that a theater close to me would play this film. Since I was exposed to the trailer, my wish was that at least on of the theaters around me would play this independent feature.  Thankfully, I got my wish.

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What is it about The Price is Right that takes us back to childhood?

Last night, for a longer time than I care to admit, I became best friends with a trash can. Vomiting is fun for no one. I knew immediately I did not want to function today like I should. Thus I took one of my sick days for once instead of trying to keep going. It has taken me until about eleven o’clock this morning to feel like I don’t have to be near side garbage can. Feeling betterish has evolved to feeling better. The only benefit of not being at work today is that I get to watch The Price is Right and hopefully catch up on a thing or two, as long as the garbage can and I do not become friends again. Fingers crossed there!

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It film review

I have seen It twice in theaters. I saw the film once about a week after the film initially came out, and once about two weeks ago. Even after seeing the film twice, I am still want to see It a third time. Granted, making time to see any film for a third time in theaters is harder than I care to admit, but I have to say it would be worth my time and money.

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