Investing in yourself is never wrong

If you have seen Steel Magnolias you remember the part where Spud reveals her second store to Truvy and she yells out, “I’M A CHAIN!”  I felt that way earlier when finally creating a domain name. I have debated on getting a domain and upgrading my blog to some degree since I started it, but I could never think of what name I wanted to go by.  Did I want to go by my own?  Did I want to come up with something a bit more creative?  The truth is I did not know.  The more I thought about my friend mentioning getting my site, the more I started pondering this question.  And then last week I started looking at prices here on WordPress.  Yesterday I received an email letting me know there was a thirty percent discount on all upgrades.  I took that as my sign.

I immediately created a domain only to have them cancel the domain.  Sorry for all that extra work, but thank you for the prompt assistance.  If there is any Gemini trait that is truer than true is that we are indecisive most of the time.  Well, I am.  So last night I found myself debating on what I should name my website.  For a moment, I dabbled with the idea that I should go with vampirekangaroo.  I blame my Twitter and Instagram handle for my thought process.  After all, there is a cute animated vampire kangaroo in my head and who wouldn’t find such a specimen adorable?  Plus, the crazy name could lend itself to my crazy antics.  At least that is what I attempted to convince myself.

Of course this reminded me of when I wanted to us Velvet Fairy as the name of my photography business.  I made up cards and everything.  I was proud of my creation!  I still am really, because I put a lot of work into my photography as well as the design. Ultimately, Velvet Fairy was not very business-like.  I’m not sure Vampire Kangaroo is either.  Though I have made them a proper noun and want to write something like Bunnicula all of a sudden.  Maybe this kangaroo helps with the over population of kangaroos by eating its own kind.  I don’t know.  Though I also can’t help but think that breaks vampire lore somewhere.  No Steven, you cannot eat the other kangaroo to give you powers.  Don’t you know that drinking another vampire’s blood can kill you?  DUN DUN DUN!

Maybe I took the vampire kangaroo bit too far just now, but the thought process brings me to another point.   I have a script I finished back in college that I need to take more seriously.  This script is my baby and it deserves to see the light of day. So do the scripts I’ve sporadically worked on through the years.  There are plenty of characters attempting to get in a word document and I think it’s time to stop ignoring them.  I imagine that some of them are characters might be shocked have taken up residence within my mind over the years, but prominent enough where they are heard.  They need freedom. I owe them light too.  Hopefully others agree.

Ultimately, with Spring on the horizon, despite being forty-eight degrees here in Georgia, all of this boils down to one train of thought.  I realized that I’m overdue when it comes to investing in me.  I need to invest in me.  What better way is there to do so than getting a website?  Yes, over the years I have made writing a hobby, but the thought of making it a career inevitably makes me happier than I can express.  Maybe my success will come from blogging.  Maybe reviews.  Maybe it will come from novels or scripts.  I’m not sure where my writing will lead me. I can say though, without a shadow of a doubt, I want my writing to lead me somewhere.

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