Don’t wake me up if I’m dreaming

Upon waking up for work this morning I immediately wished I was still asleep. It wasn’t until I got to work that I thought of the old theme song to California Dreams. Particularly the lyric I chose to use as my title on this post. I have slept horribly all week. I haven’t gotten a whole 7+ hours of sleep since this weekend. So to say I’ve been dragging and relying on coffee is the understatement of my week. This morning though I went back to sleep. My body clearly needed the rest, but I think my brain did too.

I say this because I had the thought, “I just want to keep dreaming this morning.” And I think part of that thought was because in my dream I was with my mother. She always pops up in the most random places in my dreams and this time was no different. She had convinced me to go to a Falcons game but the stadium didn’t look anything like the stadium we have here in Atlanta. In fact it reminded me of an arena I have gone to multiple times for concerts instead.

Regardless she really wanted to go for whatever reason, which is something my mom would not have done. She rarely wanted to go anywhere as she got older so this is the funnier part to my dream in my opinion. However, we took our seats and were enjoying the game when John Cena came up and started talking to us. Apparently my mom knew him somehow and I gave her the look that said, “MOM, I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’VE BEEN HOLDING OUT ON ME.”

Meanwhile the two random women that sat down on my mom’s side tried to talk to John too. And in my mom’s fashion told them to essentially mind their business cause he was talking to her daughter. On the way home, which was basically in an air bucket type thing at Six Flags for some reason that just picked people up and dropped them off at their homes, we came back to a strange man in the house. I saw him walking around from outside and immediately went to my car and yelled, “MOM GET IN, WE HAVE TO GO.”

She laughed at me and waved me off before telling me that guy was my dad’s father. He was played by Armin Shimerman in his role from Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus by the way. And he came out with his arms open and that is when I woke up and thought to myself I don’t want to be awake. I want to be in dream still. My mom is there. I think through reading about others missing their parents of late it has made me think about my mother and how much her loss has truly affected me.

So yeah…sometimes I just want to say don’t wake me up if I’m dreaming. There should be some sort of flashing neon sign to indicate that to people that should be respected so I can have more time with her somehow.

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