I almost died today talking about David Tennant and John Barrowman

Working with one of your best friends is always fun. Now and then, we manage to get into the most random conversations while still getting our work done. Earlier this morning, we were talking about how she needs to find a sugar daddy, and she decided on a European prince because she is too stubborn for some parts of the world. One moment of her yelling at some dude, “I’LL DO WHAT I WANT,” and she’d have her hand cut off. Her words not mine, but true nonetheless. Anywho, we decided on Scottish, Irish, or Spanish primarily.

Later on in the day, this comes back up, and I am talking with her about the Craigslist ad I want a place to make this happen. I was going to put a picture of a castle and what we prefer to look like, right? And I said I would put preferably Scottish and looks like David Tennant. Then I admitted this was more about me all of a sudden, because as adorable as Tennant is, I know he’s not Tiffany’s type. I jokingly said, “I know I have a type.” She looked him up and confirmed this. But then she looked up Scottish actors, and I said, “You know John Barrowman is Scottish too.”

This was around the time she realized that Tennant is married, and I was like, “Yeah, I get it. I like married or gay men. One whom I’m not going to touch and the other who isn’t going to want to touch me the way I wanna be touched!” It was at the moment I began to choke on air. Because clearly, my brain had malfunctioned at the truth! And no joke, I had to leave Tiffany’s office, walk my ass down the hall, continuing coughing as I choked on air and almost puked, AND then I had to get some water. I tried the bit of coffee I had leftover first, of course, but no, no. My brain was all WATER, FOOL!

And so now I’m wondering if talking about David Tennant and John Barrowman in the same conversation has made anyone else malfunction as bad as I just did. Has it? You can share this with me. We can form a group or something.

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