I almost died today talking about David Tennant and John Barrowman

Working with one of your best friends is always fun. Now and then, we manage to get into the most random conversations while still getting our work done. Earlier this morning, we were talking about how she needs to find a sugar daddy, and she decided on a European prince because she is too stubborn for some parts of the world. One moment of her yelling at some dude, “I’LL DO WHAT I WANT,” and she’d have her hand cut off. Her words not mine, but true nonetheless. Anywho, we decided on Scottish, Irish, or Spanish primarily.

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Another meaningful inappropriate talk with my dad

After deleting today’s brand new General Hospital, instead of pressing play like I thought I had, my dad and I decided to watch Total Bellas instead.  I’ve become oddly addicted to these behind the scene shows about wrestling figures.  Continue reading “Another meaningful inappropriate talk with my dad”

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