‘Good Girls’ Recap: ‘The I In Survivor’

Last week on Good Girls, audiences were left knowing that Beth had to tell Dean that Rio was back. How this was going to go, no one knew. The only thing we knew for sure is that one of his cronies was parked outside of their home and refused to leave under any circumstances. This week Beth must figure out how to maneuver her life with eyes on her at all times. Will she be able to overcome all eyes being on her?

The show opens with Beth looking out her window. She sees a car with the person that Rio has put in charge of watching her. She calls the police, and the guy tells her that if he were her, he wouldn’t make any moves because she knows what the outcome will be once he is released. Instead of turning him in once the police arrive in the neighborhood, she tells the officer this was a big misunderstanding. However, we all know it’s not, and Dean is taking precautions to take care of his family by going to a gun store and admitting to the guy behind the counter that he needs a gun to kill a man.

Dean compares Rio to a moose so he can continue talking about his game plan in hopes that he can still purchase a gun. Clearly, Dean has not told the salesman his name because I cannot imagine anyone selling to him ethically afterward. However, this does deter the salesman as he doesn’t miss a beat when asking Dean the questions required to do the background check for that particular type of firearm. Dean didn’t realize this was the case and then asks the guy who he can walk with today.

Annie and Ruby come over immediately that morning to brainstorm with Beth. While Annie has the craziest idea to go to Canada and buy a baby, no one can honestly blame her for not wanting her big sister to die. Even though the concept is crazy when Annie says this to Ruby, she backs off somewhat. Beth’s neighbor across the street is not helping in the least by letting the guy use her bathroom and bringing the guy watching her something to eat. I’m hoping that the neighbor can somehow come into play more and distract the guy from continually being on Beth.

When Ruby arrives home, Sara is mopping the kitchen floor. She thinks she’s in the wrong house because of this but learns quickly why her daughter is somewhat behaving. They terminated Sara from tutoring for stealing a platinum pen that costs the amount of a car. Stan is angry as Ruby asks what do we do from here. Upon asking what that means, he tells her that she’s the resident crime lord. While I cannot blame Stan for being angry, his words seem a bit harsh all things considered.

In the middle of the night, Beth goes to the car of Rio’s guy and demands a ride. They are clearly in some bar where she is meeting up with Rio. In a shocking move for Beth to take, Beth insists she has miscarried. I’m shocked by the decision she is making, considering this puts a bigger target on her back. However, this is her only move. When he asks when she asks if it matters and does the other tequila shot with her in their grief, the grief, he shouldn’t be having, but it appears that he does.

Beth asks how much it would cost for her life. Rio insists that it’s too late for that, but Beth points out that he hasn’t been in the game for two months, and that has hurt him. He insists that he doesn’t know his interests, but that she needs capital. She asks him what he has to lose by keeping her alive to keep him afloat and asks again, “How much am I worth?” He tells her that she couldn’t afford it and then asks what if she could. She makes a deal because we cut to a pros and cons scene with Annie and Ruby as well. However, the amount for her life is $100,000.

During the same scene of realizing there are far more cons than pros, Dean walks in with a shotgun, addressing the ladies as if it’s completely normal. Beth immediately goes upstairs to talk to him, and he says that he got some floss and discussions about the everyday items instead of the elephant in the room. Beth is concerned about what happens if the kids find the gun and the ammo. Dean admits that he’s terrified as Beth explains that she doesn’t want a gun in her house. Dean doesn’t want a gun either, but Rio emptied a clip in him, and he explains, “that’s the world we’re living in.”

Annie’s therapy continues with Dr. Cohen, and she goes on about how Beth had something that they thought was gone, but now it’s not. Cohen assumes cancer because his mother died of not long ago. Annie does not help matters when the same cancer that Cohen’s mother had. As Annie meets up with Beth and Ruby later, Annie has an idea, and Ruby immediately does not want to hear what crazy idea she came up with this time. Instead, Ruby goes to the bathroom, but the women’s bathroom is occupied. The men’s bathroom where she finds a signed jersey that is ruined by a waitress as they are leaving the restaurant. However, Beth starts cleaning the stain off the back of the jersey. Ruby’s awful moment is going to be worth it.

When Ruby arrives home, Stan is searching Sara’s room for the pen. Stan is worried that Sara is going down a dangerous path even though Ruby keeps insisting that their daughter is not her. She’s a good kid. Stan asks Ruby to move so he can continue looking for the pen because he needs to know for sure that their daughter did not steal anything. Oddly enough, during this time, Annie goes back to Dr. Cohen’s office to return the book to ask what is going on with them because she senses the connection that we all have from their first meeting. He admits that maybe he overstepped, but Annie admits that perhaps she liked it.

As they go to sell the jersey because the concoction that Beth put on the hockey jersey worked. However, they discover quickly that the jersey is a fake. While the pawnshop owner is telling them this, Ruby finds the pen that was stolen by her daughter sitting in one of the nearby display cases. She says to Sara that she got some good news and made her some cookies to celebrate. Ruby cannot believe that Sara is straight-up, acting like she deserves to eat the cookies she just baked. Ruby asks where Sara hid her money, and she replied that she hides it in the same place Ruby hides hers.

Sara doesn’t know what Ruby does for a living, but she knows the money is not from painting nails. Instead of telling Stan, because Ruby knows it would break his heart, she tells Sara that she’s now a criminal. Ruby can’t ground her because Sara is past that point. Instead, Ruby insists that she will owe her for not telling Stan the secret. Ruby also uses this as a teaching moment as to why one should not have secrets. You have to come up with other lies to cover your initial lie.

Meanwhile, our girls have doubled the amount of money they are washing to make enough money to save Beth’s life. And this is to the point that the tattooed guy is bringing double the duffel bags into her. Beth has finally gotten to the point of peace. She even raises her coffee cup in cheers like motion to him. The tattooed guy has moved money through Rio’s guys, and he has taken him captive. He is mouthing that it’s just a bunch of bitches. After looking over the money, Rio asks him, “So who makes your money?” Something tells me the price for Beth’s life is about to increase.

Rio comes to Beth’s work and demands that she shows him how she makes money. She takes him through each step, and by the time he sees the finished product, and she asks him what he thinks, he says, “I think I need you alive.” It’s crazy to think that to stay alive, all she had to do was tell him her operation. However, it also makes sense why she wouldn’t want him to be part of her business all things considered.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Good Girls? How long will Rio let Beth live now? Should Ruby have told Stan what was going on with Sara? Did Annie take it too far by giving Beth cancer? Should she and her therapist be together? Will Dean be able to kill Rio when and if the time comes? Let me know your thoughts on tonight’s episode below.

Better yet, make sure to tune into Good Girls on NBC every Sunday at 10 pm EST to see what our ladies are up to weekly this season.

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