‘Good Girls’ Recap: ‘Egg Roll’

Last week on Good Girls, audiences were left stunned as Rio joined Beth at the bar instead of Rhea. Although this is the second episode of the season, Rio’s end game this season is to take Beth down. No one could blame him, considering she would have killed him if it weren’t for Agent Turner. This week we learn a thing or two about the depths Rio and Beth will go to outsmart each other.

Rio starts talking to Beth like they need to catch up, while Beth stares at him mortified. She stares at him until he starts taking out the bullets and listing what part of the body they got them from when they made sure he didn’t die. Beth goes to leave as Rio insists Beth has a lot to celebrate. Although there’s nothing for her to celebrate at this moment. She needs to figure out how to escape Rio’s wrath. Thankfully, Beth being quick on her feet, she tells him that she is pregnant. Knowing that it could potentially be his child, she has bought herself some time.

Beth immediately begins to use Dean for his sperm. We all know this is what she’s doing, but Dean has no idea. Not that she would tell him because of Rio being alive. The saddest part is having Dean being so excited that they are back in the right place and telling her before he goes to wake up the kids that he loves her. And Dean is busy trying to keep in good shape for Beth to keep her interest, which makes things worse. He honestly does believe they are finally back in the right place. No matter how much they have tried, Beth is not pregnant.

Meanehile Annie continues to talk to Dr. Cohen, who explains that by Annie still acting like a child, she is encouraging Beth’s controlling ways. She also discover their tattooed mover went back to jail over a chalupa and goes to Beth’s house to tell both her and Ruby. Annie makes a big deal out of this because he still has their money. After all, they cannot make a profit off of anything because he has not upheld his end of the bargain. Yet, Beth does not appear to be bothered by his arrest. Beth has more significant problems to concern herself with than the tattooed mover. She needs to have a bun in the oven asap.

Dean is sitting in a hot tub when Gayle comes up, and he invites her to get in with him. His goal is to start selling the hot tubs based on feelings. And as he is explaining his reasoning, she invites him out, and he realizes that she doesn’t want to talk strategies merely. She wants him, much like I suspected last week. Later in the episode, Dean goes into her office and admits that Dean wants to go to dinner because he can’t do it. He confesses to her that she had lots of dinners because there was no dinner he didn’t like. The metaphor of eating more at home makes me happy to hear that he has turned over a different leaf. However, Gayle demotes Dean because he won’t sleep with her.

Upon arriving back home, audience note Dean dying his hair in the bathroom later that evening, I have to wonder if he’s doing so for Beth or Gayle. I’m hoping that it’s for Beth, of course, but we have to debate if Dean is going to go back to his old ways despite appearing to have changed. As Beth heads back into the house, she thinks she sees Rio when it’s some random guy walking his dog. During this moment, Dean is attempting to hide the hair dye and discovers all of the negative pregnancy tests, making me wonder if she’s going to come clean.

Has Beth changed over a new leaf herself? Or is Beth going to keep Dean in the dark along with everyone else that Rio is back in their lives? She doesn’t. And Dean admits what hurts the most about everything is that for a second, he thought they were getting back to a good place. I never thought I would feel bad for this character, but I genuinely do feel bad for Dean at this moment.

Ultimately, Annie begins to question the hierarchy of the business now. And somehow Ruby is always on the bottom of the totem pole. She is the one they always make run the unfavorable errands or enlist Stan’s help. They always get her involved in parts that she has to get Stan engaged in, which isn’t fair to either of them, considering they were the ones hurt the most by Beth’s actions last season. Granted, Stan took it upon himself to help them out, but it only makes sense that he would because he wants their children to have their mother. As he wants to know what is in the van, Ruby evokes, Egg Roll, their new safe word for when they don’t want to know what is going on with the other person’s business.

Considering everything that Beth has going on, she doesn’t want to jump right back into the business. However, Annie keeps pushing her because they just spent all the money they had to bail this guy out of jail. When Annie flips out and starts calling Beth President of everything, Beth reveals to her that she’s dead. At this moment, Beth finally admits to both Ruby and Annie that Rio is alive. Once they head back home, they all get entirely drunk. Ruby insists that they should have told them. Annie suggests that they should go to the cops.   

Beth asks if they can post mate some French Fries, and Annie remarks that they can do anything she wants. Freaking out, she enters the psychiatrist’s office and freaks out as he reminds her this is not her session. Annie is worried about who is going to protect Beth, considering that Beth is always trying to protect them. He insists that now that Annie knows where she’s coming from, it changes the whole dynamic of their relationship. It makes me wonder if they are beginning to foreshadow the possible downfall of Annie later on in the season.

When the show cuts to the soccer field, Beth sees Rhea for the first time since Rio’s return. She is explaining how messed it up was to go about helping Rhea, but she thought she was helping her. Beth wanted to make their son’s life better. For some reason, Beth tells Rhea the secret that she should have confided in someone else. Beth’s not pregnant. Beth gives back the money that she owed to her and thanked her for the loan as Rhea promptly walks away. Will she end up telling Rio that Beth isn’t pregnant and exacerbate the process of killing her earlier?

Once Beth arrives home, Rio is waiting outside of her home. He demands that she get in the car instead of dropping her groceries off inside. She hesitantly walks over to his car. Most of us were expecting that Rhea told Rio everything. Instead, we realize that he has taken her to see an obstetrician because he already suspects that she isn’t pregnant. Rio insists that they try to see the baby that afternoon. Rhea let the doctor know, and they are faking the pregnancy along with Beth at this point. Rhea kept her safe because she’s a mom but explains to her that he isn’t dumb. So while they have bought some time, I don’t know how much time exactly.

Regardless though considering Rio has people watching her, she now is fanced with the dilemma of coming clean with Dean.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Good Girls? How long do you think Beth can fake this pregnancy? Will Dean eventually give into Gayle to go further in the company? Is Rhea going to turn against Rio to save Beth by the end of the season? Will Annie sacrifice herself this season to save her sister? Let me know your thoughts below and where you think this season is heading.

Better yet, make sure to tune into Good Girls on NBC every Sunday at 10 pm EST to see what our ladies are up to weekly this season.

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