‘Good Girls’ Recap: ‘Not Just Cards’

Last week on the season three premiere of Good Girls, audiences watched as Rio took his life back. Considering the extent he went to take the bull by the horn again, fans are curious how he will reintroduce himself back into Beth’s life once more. This week, we have our answers.

The suburbs are as quaint as they can be. All is quiet on the suburban front as people go about their morning jogs, watering their lawns, getting their newspapers, and riding their bikes. Beth and Dean are arguing over possessions. She sold his family’s grandfather clock to pay back Rhea. If Beth knows nothing else, Beth knows she must pay Rhea back and soon. However, what she does not is that Rio is knocking on Rhea’s door as Dean’s mother is knocking on hers. With the shock on Beth’s face, you would think she knew what we as the audience knows currently.

At a local restaurant, Annie, Gregg, and Nancy are finally on a united front as she has a family again despite them disappearing after the birth last year. We also have the official name for Annie’s son. Ben. This grand news is overshadowed though by Nancy. The couple’s therapist wants them to involve Annie in because she is the reason that Gregg strayed in the first place. Nancy, of course, bring this all up in Ben, immediately making him uncomfortable and parting ways from the table. The therapist also made judgments on Annie about why they slept together and that it’s a dysfunctional pattern that will keep repeating itself until they figure it out together.

Meanwhile, Annie is not the only one with problems Ruby’s and Stan’s problems are much different, though. Their issues lay across their dining room table in the form of a multitude of bills. They are borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and playing what Stan has dubbed as bill roulette and is amazed his cell phone still works. Beth receives a phone call letting them know that Agent Turner has passed away. They go to the location where there is an outpouring of flowers, teddy bears, and photographs of the squad gunned down. As Beth places the flowers down, she remarks that they are back in business. While we assumed Annie was the crass one, the crass one might be Beth.

As they are wrapping up Dean’s grandfather clock, they are discussing their next move. How would they wash the money? Annie’s idea is not going to get the job done, but when Beth suggests finding someone like Rio, they have no idea where to turn. Where would they discover people like him to outsource to ultimately? It’s a decent question as Dean’s mother makes comments about the grandfather clock of her ancestors Beth just sold. Beth is not the only person attempting to make money in the household as Dean is trying to sell more hot tubs. Although he thinks the woman he is working for, Gayle (Ione Skye), is sincere about introducing him to some people for more sales, I do not trust her sincerity just yet.

Annie goes into a psychiatrist’s office, explaining why she was not entirely in the wrong only to find out she has been rambling to the wrong Dr. Cohen the entire time. I have a feeling this may be the guy that be Annie’s love interest for this season, which is mildly disappointing because I would have loved for them to have Noah back in some capacity considering everything they were able to overcome together. My hope for her this season is that they can finally find someone that she can settle down with on the show instead of having her bounce around from one guy to the next.

Dean has offended the movers to the point that he insists on Beth; they have to tip them big. As he goes on about the guy reading his crimes off like a receipt from CVS, Beth immediately fixes lemonade to take outside to offer it to them. She knows that she can use them and how she can use them. The best part is that Ethan Suplee plays one of the movers they show. She explains to the girls that he’s going to wash money the way they did. Instead of going along with the regular agreement, they’ve agreed to 50/50 now. This agreement is the only way he decides to pick up the boxes of money to wash for them, so Beth tells him he has forty-eight hours to agree to his term.

While Annie is alone, Gregg comes over to apologize to Annie for the various things Nancy said. She understands that Nancy is angry, but to say such things in front of her son is another thing altogether. Annie deserves to be mad too. Gregg does not have to be paying all that much for his part in it outside of therapy. To him, that is repayment enough. He is trying to apologize to her for his role in it, but it should have been during dinner. Gregg should have taken up for her to the point of not having things said in front of their son to the degree they were no matter how mad Nancy happens to be at the situation and Annie.

There is a lot of tension between Beth and Dean’s mother at dinner. This tension inevitably ends with Beth snapping and telling the kids that instead of having dinner, they could have brownies instead. Afterward, they attempt to talk about it in the kitchen, while Dean has gone on how the spa business started to ignore the problem within his own family. She ultimately tells Beth that if she doesn’t want the kids saying grace before dinner that she needs to be home for dinner and that women really cannot have it all like the world has attempted to tell them. Beth still does not appear to believe such as she stews over her wine.

They are waiting for the guy to come back with the washed money. She asks if he needs to reschedule, and he said he did the math and that it works out better if he takes 100%. Annie insists that they continue to make more. Beth realizes that they have to make this guy prove a point because if they keep going down the path that Annie wants them to go down, all of the criminals are going to know she’s weak. Beth goes to his boss at the moving company instead of letting it go. Suplee’s character begins to threaten her in front of his boss. She threatens to take it up with his parole officer. The boss insists they will take another look around.

Ruby is irritated that Stan went back to the store to buy a suit that made him wait in the first place. She wants him to step it up and stop letting people treat him like a doormat. Stan wants to live his life without making everything a huge ordeal. It’s exhausting to him. But she has a point. Why should people continue to treat them differently just because of the color of their skin? They shouldn’t, and by going back to the store, he let that guy know it was okay, and that is what has Ruby frustrated. Not that Stan needed a suit.

Gayle did take Dean out for dinner and introduce him to some esteemed clients. She insists that he’s a natural and that it’s all about making the right connection. He can now sense what I had initially thought as his mother reorganized the entire kitchen, and Beth fought to reorganize it back while seeing someone sitting outside on the picnic table in the back much as she had before. Instead of it being Rio, it’s the criminal there with her half of the washed money. He heard her loud and clear as she checks to make sure the correct cut is in her bag.

Instead of using the money to pay off their debts right away, Beth’s goal is to use the cash to get more ones. Make more money and, of course, build up their business instead of merely settling. They are going to be able to take over the world and pay all their bills soon enough.  

Ben insists that Annie doesn’t need a therapist because she tells him all her problems, and he fixes them. That right, there is a rude awakening for her, and she realizes that she does need a therapist. Instead of going to the adult doctor, Annie ends up going to the child therapist. Ben remarks that good thing he’s free because if not, she’d go broke paying the therapist.

Stan admits that he’s angry too, but that they can’t live in it all the time. Ruby asks what if she has found a way to stop even if it’s not something he would like. He knows what this means for his family. Meanwhile, Beth has seemingly gained control of her family once more. She has lied to them. Beth told her family that the store promoted her to the manager. She is going to get a cut of everything to stick it to Dean’s mother. Not that any of us can blame her because most wives have been there with their mothers-in-law.

Beth gets a call from Rhea and insists that they meet for drinks. Being able to pay her back is beyond vital to her. However, Beth is greeted by Rio instead of her as the whole world appears to go silent. How much does Rhea know now? Will their relationship ever be the same? Only time will tell as we wait for next week’s episode of Good Girls.

What did you think of the last night’s episode of Good Girls? How much do you believe Rhea knows now? Do you think Rio went about seeing Beth again the right away? Should Stan agree to let Ruby go down this path once more? Does Annie have every right to be angry at Gregg? Will Beth remain in control now that Rio is back? Let me know your thoughts below and where you think this season is heading.

Better yet, make sure to tune into Good Girls on NBC every Sunday at 10 pm EST to see what our ladies are up to weekly this season.

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