What is a movie that makes you happy?

There about a hundred films I can list today that make me happy.  In fact, whenever I have been traumatized by a movie or television I will put in the original My Little Pony movie.  You know, the one from the eighties with the purple ooze?  I will also do this with the Power Rangers show and their original movie too.  How weird is it that the Power Ranger movie also has purple ooze also?  I feel like the nineties and eighties had some weird purple ooze obsession that I just realized.  Then of course you have Happy Gilmore, Never Been Kissed, 10 Things I Hate About You, and a slew of other films.  But ultimately I decided to write about a movie that has a man who needed to learn to relax and a hooker with a heart of gold. Continue reading “What is a movie that makes you happy?”


Happy Death Day film review

Back in late July, before the trailer from Happy Death Day was plastered  everywhere, I watched the trailer.  I had immediate desire to view this film.  A horror film version of Groundhog’s Day?  Yes please!  My desire grew when I realized that the film was slated for a Friday the 13th release.  A horror film on Friday the 13th in October.  Be still my horror loving heart!  With all the hype surrounding the film though there was a small part of me that worried the film might be awful.  I was starting to feel like the characters in Fanboys and wondering if I would be gravely disappointed by the end.  Thankfully, I was beyond pleased when leaving the theater Friday evening.

Audiences open up on a college student, Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe), in a random college guy’s dorm room, Carter Davis (Israel Broussard), on what turns out to be her birthday.  At first she goes through her day like any other day.  Audiences quickly realize that Tree is not a very nice person soon rather than later.  Generally, the whole point of these films is that we are sympathizing and rooting for the lead character to survive, but after Tree’s first death takes place within the film  audiences are left to wonder if we will feel bad enough for her to connect with her by the end of the feature.

Continue reading “Happy Death Day film review”

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