‘Good Girls’ Recap: ‘Nana’

Last week on Good Girls, viewers saw what it is like to have an entirely move-in ready house made from a family home where residents currently lived. Despite ending the episode last wake with this shocking twist, the show chooses to focus on a character we have not seen since last season. A character I have wondered about for a moment or two myself, despite thinking that they would merely mention him in passing. While I cannot say I was Boomer’s biggest fan on the show, I have wondered what he has been up to this season.  

We all assumed that Boomer (David Hornsby) went to jail for some time, but how much time? These were questions left unanswered until now. Before he went to prison, he called on a favor from an old friend, Tyler (Caleb Emery). He had many tattoos put all over his face and neck before entering. As they make a point to say this is three months ago, it seems that maybe Boomer got out of prison for good behavior. Only not so much.  

Although the glimpse of Boomer’s life during the cold open, they immediately cut to Annie and her ongoing therapy with Dr. Cohen. As wrong as it would be for Dr. Cohen and Annie to be together since he is currently treating her, I want this relationship to come to fruition so bad! He french kissed her via pineapple pizza. If that does not show the love between them, I don’t know what will! These two have chemistry as Annie points out, and she isn’t the only one transferring onto him during this situation. Dr. Cohen has a soft spot for her, or he wouldn’t have started treating her again. The look on her face as she leaves proves her point. Even Ben can sense it from mere moments; he talks to Annie later as she is looking for her keys to go.

As Stan and Ruby talk about their perfect anniversary getaway, I want that for them more than anything. I want a life for them where they can get away for the night in an extravagant manner. Don’t we all deserve something like that right now? We cannot live our lives without hope for the future. We all need some reprieve from everything we must endure daily, weekly, sometimes even yearly. Stan and Ruby are due for something of pure goodness. Whether or not they get that moment remains to be seen in this episode.

Meanwhile, Beth knows that she has to get Rio’s trust back. Her entire plan involves gaining his confidence back, talking him into letting them earn a living wage, and then taking that money to hire someone to kill him. She is determined to make this work for her and the girls. However, after she talks to Dean, who is furiously blowing up an air mattress with a pump, she seems also to want to do this for their children. For all of them. As she has a drink at the bar, Rio can see right through the fact that she isn’t just there for a drink.  

Rio owes her nothing. This logic is something that Beth does not seem to grasp this season. She attempted to kill him herself, and if it weren’t for Agent Turner, he would be dead. However, Beth now suddenly wants to go back to how things were previously. She is willing to do anything within reason. As they drive out to a wheat field somewhere, which seems out of place, what is even more out of place is seeing a man in an orange jumpsuit arise from a sewage area in the background as the girls debate this. The man in question, of course, is Boomer as they all three looks wholly disgusted at the turn of events.

Suddenly they would have preferred grenades, guns, or whatever else as long as they weren’t transporting Boomer. Thankfully because of her son’s hockey bag in the back got them through the roadblock. As they stop at a gas station, they learn that Rio told his guy on the inside that they would take him to Canada if he started a fire. However, the girls know the truth. They are leading him to the slaughter. His only request is to see Nana one last time. Nana, who is now living in a nursing home because no one is taking care of her. Despite Beth and Ruby’s better judgment, Beth makes the call after Annie pleads with them on Nana’s behalf to take Boomer to see her.

Meanwhile, Stan arrives at work to see Krystal and the other girls arguing with a cop. As they continue to fight back against the cop, Stan pretends to take care and dislike every single stripper in the back. By doing so and manipulating the police officer, although treating the girls in a demeaning manner, he keeps their lockers from being searched. Krystal is upset because of everything that just happened and knew she could not go to jail. She wants to take a break from everything, but Stan cannot. He’s determined not to give Ruby a water heater for their anniversary. He insists from now on that they only steal money and that he will continue to have their backs. After all, by getting the cop off their scent, he just proved that.

As the girls arrive at the nursing home, a cop comes out to speak to Boomer. At first, Annie panics and, of course, thinks the worst. They are all about to get caught. However, the worst has nothing to do with him getting caught. Nana passed away a week ago in her sleep. Ruby enters in on her scooter to see Boomer crying on the couch and Annie close to tears herself. Beth and Ruby try to make Annie feel better about the situation, but the fall happened while she was going to a place that Annie used to take her. Regardless, of Nana picking her grandson over Annie (which she had to do right?), this untimely demise of the character is heartbreaking all the same.

Nana’s final wise is to have her ashes spread in a waterfall at a lake three hours away. Knowing that they have to get Boomer to “Canada,” Beth takes distract actions and gets out of the car with Nana’s ashes. She threatens to spread them along the parking lot unless Boomer gets back in the bag. Boomer and Annie are pleading for her not to do it as Boomer finally agrees to get in the bag, demanding that Annie put him back in the bag. Boomer knows that they aren’t going to Canada as he gets in the back to get in the bag once more.

During this time, Ben goes to see Dr. Cohen voice his concerns. Cohen knows he’s right deep down as they discuss everything going on. Annie is in love with him. The truth is that he needs to admit to himself that he’s in love with her too. To some degree, I think Ben is right. However, I do think Annie might have finally found her calling and turn things around for herself and her son. If anything could change her mind, it is listening to the sounds of Boomer from the bag, begging her to make sure she carries through Nana’s final wishes. Not answering, Boomer is carried to Rio’s van because no pleads can take this back.

For a brief moment, we think there is some hilarious juxtaposition with a professional karaoke machine and an upgraded diamond ring for Stan and Ruby’s anniversary. However, once Ruby realizes how much money he is bringing in, she calls him out. She insists that one of them has to be good. Stan wonders why. Why must one of them be the so-called good guy? Where has that gotten them in life? And honestly, he has a point in this scenario. It makes a lot of sense that people adopt this type of mindset when they are committing crimes. She tells him that she won’t wear the ring, he tells her he isn’t taking it back as their beautiful anniversary moment of the two singing Salt-N-Pepa is ruined.

Although the girls think that everything is going well now, well, maybe Annie doesn’t since she met Dr. Cohen’s girlfriend (Madeline Zima), but it’s not. As the episode ends this week, we learn that the FBI is clearly on their trail again. At this time, the investigator knows a woman is making the counterfeit money coming in from Detroit. Why? The nail polish remover. Our girls are in trouble, and they don’t even know it yet. However, we all know Rio will gladly throw Beth under the bus if need be.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Good Girls? Did you enjoy Boomer’s return? Does Rio trust Beth again? Should Ruby have taken the ring? Is Stan getting in too deep at work? Will our girls finally get caught this season? Are you shipping Dr. Cohen and Annie like I am? Let me know your thoughts on tonight’s episode below.

Better yet, make sure to tune into Good Girls on NBC on Sunday, April 19th, at 10 pm EST to see what our ladies are up to again.

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