'Good Girls' Recap: 'Frere Jacques'

Last week‘s week is by far one of the most shocking and pivotal of the entire Good Girls series thus far. This week’s episode is honestly no different as everything is heating even more than before this season. The cold open this week provides for some eerie content, as well as some poignant content that will make us think for some time to come.

The contents of a purse scattered among the bed in front of Ruby and Annie belong to Lucy. We soon realize these are the contents that were inside of Lucy’s bag. The guilt felt in the room is major as Annie admits she is the only one who watched Lucy die. Instead of taking a break though, they have to print must to their dismay.  

However, upon arriving at work, Beth discovers the owner with Lucy’s boyfriend, Max (Wesam Keesh), there. He is determined to get to answers, and Dorothy is determined to close up shop early until they have answers. No one else is getting hurt on her watch. Dorothy’s decision hinders Beth’s progress on printing the money.

When they attempt another exchange later, Beth explains she does not have anything to exchange with them. Rio gets out of the van, and she describes how he has royally messed everything up for them by killing Lucy. The more Beth goes on, the more we realize that Rio needs to eliminate the boyfriend as well. Beth immediately begins to protest because she knows they are both ultimately good people.  

Rio insists that it’s business and that Lucy’s death was on everyone in this particular business. Nothing can change that now, so Beth insists that she is going to figure out a way to print. She will figure out a way to make this work.

Then again, what will happen to our girls if they cannot print? To make Max back off, Beth plans on sending him a text to dump him. Despite Annie thinking this is rather harsh, it’s better than his ongoing crusade to find her in the first place. Knowing that they aren’t going to be able to access the phone via a passcode, Ruby realizes that Lucy’s phone is current. They could use her face. 

Beth immediately goes to Rio’s right-hand man and insists that she is going to triple his “invitation order” if he manages smooth things over with Rio once more. Just when we think he wants to trade favors with Beth, her declaration of having herpes made me burst into laughter. The man wants a hot tub. Reasonable enough.

Meanwhile, with Agent Turner gone, there is a possibility that Stan might be able to get his job back as a cop. While Ruby cannot help but wonder if Stan wants to be a cop again, their son seems beyond excited. Sara, however, dampens the mood by pointing out a fact that is something Ruby should wonder as well.  

How does this work for Stan? If he’s going to become a cop again, how does he keep turning the blind eye? Is he eventually going to have to arrest his wife, or will she finally have to tell Beth to no? Plus, if she tells Beth to know, what does this mean for the so-called inner circle of our girls?  

Ultimately even going to the cemetery to dig up Lucy’s body, this is the only thing on Ruby’s mind. Well, almost the only thing. Ruby insists that she does not like this feeling one bit as they have driven two hours away to somewhere dark and shady to retrieve Lucy’s head. How do they know that he isn’t going to kill them now too? Beth insists that he isn’t going to kill them because Dean isn’t going to put in the order until they get back. However, seeing a pickaxe and a shovel doesn’t help their fears.

Only knowing the general location, they dauntingly look at a cemetery with various fresh holes dug. Beth insists that Stan can’t be a cop again. There is always something they have to do that will cause Ruby to be a criminal. I hope this doesn’t plant the idea into Ruby’s head to hurt Stan’s chances of becoming a cop again. At the same time, I cannot imagine how this would work if he were to become a cop again.  

Afterward, Ruby enters the room to speak about Stan; I cannot help but think she is completely sabotaging him. After all, when she goes into how they have dreamed and plotted how to rob banks to make ends meet, that is not something a board wants to hear about a fellow cop. When the woman asks what has stopped them from doing so, she admits that she still would, but that Stan would have to lock her up and throw away the key. 

Stan is a man who still feels guilty letting someone copy off his paper from the ninth grade. He is a cop through and through. Stan could never be a criminal. Ultimately despite being honored to have Stan back on the force, once he put on the uniform again, it just didn’t feel right. The uniform made him feel like a fraud, and no one can fix that besides Ruby.

Upon arriving home after the dig, Dean insists that Dorito has a tumor. He determines that little guy is a goner. Beth is determined to get the money to save this bird. She said she would rob every bank in the city she will make it work. Dorito cannot die! Completely losing it, Dean goes over to Beth, hugging her and ensuring that she is going to be okay.

After all, Dean insists that he is not able to watch someone else die, and he helps Beth get Rio’s right hand a hot tub. 

After unlocking the phone and reading over the texts Max has sent, they know they cannot wait any longer to send something to the boyfriend. While Beth cannot help but feel bad for sending the text, this is the only thing that will be able to keep him alive. As Max begins to write back, he immediately reveals what I thought would happen the moment she texted him. 

He used the find your phone app and knows that Lucy is at Beth’s house. Beth sends him a text telling him to come over. Annie insists this is the worst idea any of them have had, and Beth insists that they have to say to him.  

Throughout the show, we also witness Annie on the couch of various therapists. The first therapist is the one Greg and Nancy wanted her to see; we realize he is the worst therapist ever. She has gone on about this traumatic experience she has had recently with Lucy’s death, and all he can go on about is whether or not she is wearing perfume. The second therapist, audiences learn just how hard it truly is to find the right therapist for them. The crazy part is that Annie honestly had the right therapist is Dr. Cohen (Rob Heaps).

Upon having Ben help her find a new therapist, she discovers Dr. Cohen again. Going back to his office, she explains that he is the only one that can help her. He does not see it that way at all, but upon further explanation, we can tell that Annie has drawn him back into her life. She admits that she doesn’t just want attention. Annie’s scared. When asking what she’s afraid of her reply is chilling. “If I died tomorrow, the only thing people would remember about me is what’s in my purse.” An incredible line destined to make female viewers wonder what is in their purses.

At the same time, Max shows up at Beth’s house and sits on the stairs as Beth joins him. She explains that she drove Lucy to the airport after “Lucy” texted him that morning, and she does not know where she’s at anymore. Sitting on her steps, beyond pitiful, he brought Lucy’s favorite by to try and persuade her. They mailed her phone to give him a different location the next time he pinged her cellphone.

The place this time happened to be Arizona as he leaves the house, but will this be the end of it? Is he going to attempt to go to Arizona and smooth things over with her only to find out that she’s not there as well? Although it appears he truly buys into the fact that Lucy has dumped him, we cannot be too sure.

At the end of the episode, it appears that Beth is finally showing some signs of remorse. She claims that he cannot make as much because the price of ink has gone up. Once arriving home, she unloads a bunch of ones from the duffle bag. What is Beth up to exactly? Is she saving all of this for her deal with Rio’s guy, or is there something else going on?

Meanwhile, we learn that Dorito is fine. She is merely pregnant. However, when Dean holds the door open for Lucy’s boyfriend, he whistles the first couple of notes to “Frere Jacques,” prompting the bird to finish the next line. The jig is up per se, but what does this mean for Beth now that the boyfriend has new information.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Good Girls?Can you believe the lengths the girls went to tonight to access Lucy’s phone? Would you give up on Lucy if you were Max? Is Beth stealing from Rio a good idea? Will he realize this sooner than later? Should Stan become a cop again, or did he make the right decision? Let me know your thoughts on tonight’s episode below.

Better yet, make sure to tune into Good Girls on NBC every Sunday at 10 pm EST to see what our ladies are up to weekly this season.

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