‘Good Girls’ Recap: ‘Opportunity’

Last week on Good Girls, viewers were left wondering via the upcoming scenes if this is the week that Rio dies. Will Mr. Fitzpatrick (Andrew McCarthy) follow through on his promise to the girls? After all, this week’s cold open shows our girls at the park as Beth’s kids play at the park. I love how they have the girls fighting over who killed who as they sit there and patiently wait for the hitman to execute Rio. My favorite part is when Annie declares that the hit on Rio is complete because a dog stared at them.

I should have known the action above proved old Annie was lurking underneath and dying to get out. Annie seems to be making a deal to get her GED by having someone else take the test for her, which is beyond frustrating because I thought she was turning her life around somehow this season. I thought she wanted to do this for the betterment of Ben, but she seems to take the easy way out regardless. By the time the guy comes back, he reveals that he has made his middle name Annie on the fake ID, proving my immediate assumption. However, once he realizes that Annie does not have the money, he tells her maybe she should study to pass her exam. Now that’s a not so novel concept.

Meanwhile, Agent Donnegan is trying to figure out who brought the women from the shelter to the nail salon that day, along with Henry (Rodney To). Everything is pointing toward Ruby getting pinned for this entire thing by the end of the season, and I do not like that one bit. Ruby even mentions in the cold open that all she wants is to be good again. Sara is also trying to accomplish such by inviting the donor family over for dinner. Ruby is trying to plan a meal, and Stan wants to call the whole thing off when Ruby points out that their “souls could use some housekeeping too.”

Beth is on cloud nine as she dances through the house and pops some champagne to celebrate Rio’s demise as she hears his voice behind her in the house. He asks her what they are celebrating before it cuts to them, driving to an undisclosed location on Beth’s part. Oddly enough, the site is a carwash. Rio wants to know how much money she has now and what she is buying with it. At this moment, Beth determines he is going to kill her, but he truly wants to know where the money is going. They can’t draw attention to the feds again like last time. Only they already have despite neither of them knowing such.

Because she will not tell him that she used the money to place a hit out on him, he says to her that he can no longer cut her in. After telling Annie and Ruby, they go to see Mr. James Fitzpatrick (Andrew McCartney). However, they end up following him instead when all he leaves them is an itemized bill for the services he’s rendering. Maybe he is attempting to be seen as many places before committing any hit, so he has plenty of alibis. The fact that these ladies have not thought of this yet is dumbfounding in a way for me. However, they realize that the cello is a cello and not a gun because he has a daughter.

Upon seeing them in the car, he begins to walk over to their car, knocking on the window. Annie instructs Beth not to open the window, but he hits on it again with a small gun and leans into the car. He has terminated the contract with them because Beth did not tell him that at one point that she and Rio slept together at one point. Fitzpatrick explains to them that he will not take cases for jilted lovers. While they insist they are no longer going to pay him, he explains that they don’t want their bill going to collections. When having to ask the question, “Is that his tongue?” I imagine they honestly DO not want their bill to go to collections now either.

As the donor family comes to the Hill house, the meal in front of them is one served on Thanksgiving. They insist on saying a blessing now because of their daughter. They want to be thankful for everything. As they continue to talk about themselves, we learn that he has lost his job and they have no car. They ended up taking a bus halfway to get there and that despite life handing them lemons, they still feel blessed. He even points out that when life gives you lemons, you cannot rob a bank. Ruby and Stan are now pondering how they get back to being good people like Sara’s donor family.

Later on, when Dean comes into the kitchen with Beth, hot sauce all over his shirt from his delivery routes with one, or more, of the many food delivery options now, he realizes he cannot do this. Beth asks him what he wants to do as we cut to her talking to Rio at his bar. While he is trying to ignore the idea, she has to launder the money; he no longer can when she takes one of the pool balls and throws it against the glass of a piece of art on the wall. She calls him out for not liking the idea and points out that the IRS looks at car washes and laundry mats first in these situations. Agreeing to pay her again, she goes to see Mr. Fitzpatrick, who sets a new date.

The next morning Ruby makes an all-star breakfast for them. She also made sandwiches for when they leave. When Ruby offers to do more for them, the woman asks her for a car. A car is a price that they need to pay them for Sara being able to sleep soundly in her bed at night. Suddenly the blessed family from the night before we realize might be a bit more manipulative than she wanted to admit. The husband might on the up and up, but it’s clear that the wife is not. In a way, it just goes to prove the old saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Ben gets angry when he comes home and sees Annie on the couch watching Naked and Afraid. In all reality, he is the best son ever. Ben proves his point that if working at the mini-mart is good enough for her, then it will eventually be good enough for him. Threatening to throw his entire bookbag down the garbage shoot is when Annie wakes up and goes back into the house as he gets her books out of the garbage to study more. He even starts fixing her some meals, bringing her coffee and takes her phone so she will continue to study. The books keep adding up, and Annie goes to take the test herself.

The crazy part is when Fitzpatrick does do a hit, he uses the cello case as he gets Beth to look through the telescope to understand his process. He explains that the perfect assassination is something that confuses. Even though Beth hires him for the job, he lets her continue looking through the telescope and call the shots. Does she still want him to do it? When she says to do it, he takes the shot. When we see the car again, we realize that a paintball blast is on the window, and a random person steps out that is not Rio. The vehicle was not his car. He just needed to know that she was okay with him dying. No regrets.

Despite studying her butt off, Annie did not pass the GED exam. Ben immediately calls Dr. Cohen because Annie is in bed and will not get out. However, as she is insisting that he goes away, he makes her get out of bed and have a drink with him at the bar. As their evident spark shines through, he reveals to her that he proposed to Lila a couple of nights ago. Suddenly that is one drink she certainly needs more than the other.

If this news is not upsetting enough and warranting an ending that is reminiscent of the conclusion of Californication season 1 or The Graduate, we learn that Agent Donnegan and Henry now suspect Ruby. And because Ruby felt so bad about the car, she paid for cash at a car lot to get them a car, now making her the prime suspect in the counterfeit money game.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Good Girls? Did Mr. Fitzpatrick do the right thing by including Beth in the so-called hit? Should Dr. Cohen dump Lila and be with Annie already? Will Ruby buying the car lead the girls down a similar path they have had to deal with previously? Will the girls let Ruby take the fall when push comes to shove? Let me know your thoughts on tonight’s episode below.

Better yet, make sure to tune into Good Girls on NBC next Sunday at 10 pm EST to see what our ladies are up to again.

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