The end of my time with Harry Potter

Welcome to my insane thoughts on the rest of the Harry Potter series.  I’m so glad that you decided to click on the link and continue on my journey with this beloved series last year.  Please remember that my thoughts are not without spoilers.  Continue reading “The end of my time with Harry Potter”

The beginning of my journey with Harry Potter

Despite the fact that my friend Nicole tried to convince me for years to either read or watch Harry Potter, as many others have as well I don’t know how many times, I decided that they were not my thing. Continue reading “The beginning of my journey with Harry Potter”

I got tagged

On most social media sites these days you are always getting tagged in something.  Okay maybe not.  I feel like I do not get tagged in a lot, but generally when I do I participate in them even if it takes me what feels like a proverbial five years to complete whatever survey I have been asked to fill out. Continue reading “I got tagged”

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