Surpassing goals and taking names

I surpassed my goal on Goodreads last year. Granted, I barely thought I would read thirty books by the end of 2017, but somehow managed to read fifty-two. This still shocks me and has made me up my goal for this year to sixty books. 2017booksThe task is rather daunting to think about for whatever reason, but I’m still determined to pull sixy books off nonetheless. Some shorter books that can be read in a day mixed in with the longer ones I want to read as well. Such as It. I’m also determined to finally finish Red Dragon at some point this year. Might be my next book after I return the ones from the library and finish up with the next book for book club.  I hate to make promises to the book I’ve attempted to finish about five thousand times at this point, but maybe a better goal to make would be before the year ends.  Much more attainable right?  Hopefully.

booksWith new goals, I felt the need to write about the books I read last year.  Some I have already written reviews for and some I have not, but I can honestly say that I read a lot of an amazing books.  Granted, there were not many I didn’t like and even with the ones I didn’t care for I ultimately respected some of them or appreciated bits and pieces of them.   And honestly, there are some I would probably score higher now and some lower than when I initially read them.

When I started reading again last year, I started reading Red Dragon and about a week into reading that particular book, my friend Gwen told me about a the book club we are apart of reading The Exorcist.  At first I was determined to finish reading Red Dragon before reading The Exorcist, but soon I was flying through The Exorcist and having some of the weirdest dreams of my life.  Thankfully dreams I no longer remember.  From there I found myself rediscovering the library and realizing that it probably is not the best idea to check out numerous books at once.  This is not a lesson I have learned from, but rather added to the insane amount I feel I can read per month.  My library bingeing all started with Animal Farm and slowly I discovered the glory that is ebooks with The Shining and Carrie.books2

I basically found myself reading books I have wanted to read for some time, mostly.  Books I have heard about for years that I would enjoy and books that quite frankly I wanted to read since viewing the films.  There were sequels read with gusto and sequels I planned to read in the future.  There was also the beginning of reading with my dad’s cat Oliver.  He constantly finds himself trying to play with the bookmarks and smelling the books.  A couple of times he has even attempted to chew on said books but thankfully he had come to the conclusion that isn’t the best idea.  Oliver has not learned that when it comes to bookmarks though and I’m quite positive that out of three fringe bookmarks I merely have one left that is in tact, but that’s okay.  I also learned that I am not a fan of the bizarro genre, but will read an entire book out of morbid curiosity.

books3I continued to more forward with both the book club and various books in between the meetings.  Enjoying each one along the way.  There was a mixture of zombies, sorrow, intrigue, magic, truth, audio, a gunslinger, and the man in black.  While I realized Stephen King books might be the perfect audiobooks for others, I realized that taking them on my walks made Christine last far longer than it would have been if I had turned the pages while lying down one evening. My venture into Stephen King’s universe continued though and makes me look forward to reading more about Roland and his friends, not to mention the return of a character I can’t envision as completely gone yet. Between all these books, and starting to listen to audiobooks, I also had the pleasure to read a memoir that made me feel completely normal even though life is anything but that in Furiously Happy and be determined that even through sorrow, depression and anxiety I could kick some ass.  Not to mention that milk and honey reminded me of how amazing of a person I was in the first place and that it’s important to reconnect with oneself from time to time.


Rediscovering myself did not end there, but I also discovered a version of a childhood story I fell in love with once upon a time in The Child Thief, as well as fell in love with many other characters along the way.  I realized that Marvin is quite brilliant and that he should not be a bother to anyone.  Of course through taking a ride through the galaxy I learned that I want Stephen Fry to record all the audiobooks and read to me at night before I go to bed.  While that is far too much to ask of one man, I continued to enjoy audiobooks as a whole all the same with If I Stay and Where She Went.  I went into a bookstore and found the mysteries lurking within as well as traveled within a small town to learn of ghosts revenge.  And my journey with Harry Potter ended just as glorious as it began.


Despite ending my time at Hogwarts, I yearned for a bit more.  And while they were short installments, I did find myself moving on with Roland and his gang once more.  I also learned that sometimes the people we judge are judged far too quickly and they deserve that second chance with The Reason You’re Alive.  This of course also made me want to journey more into the catalog of Matthew Quick, whose books are part of my reading goals this year.  Into the Water gave me hope for Girl on the Train.  And I realized that despite the first read of great authors not living up to my expectations I will be reading more of Dean Koontz and John Grisham at some point down the line.  I also cannot wait to see out of the slew of names mentioned, what name Amy Poehler will pick for her second autobiography.

books6My journey did not end there, but lessened from October through December.  There were many books I kept attempting to read through sickness and plans made with friends and family.  And despite the decline, I was still able to get through some amazing books all the same.  The Good Daughter made me yearn for more.  Infected made me want to know more about blue triangles that talk, and Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock made me want to yell at his mother MAKE THIS BOY SOME DAMN PANCAKES!  To top it all, I found that a newfound guilty pleasure writer of mine has been long deceased and that the book version of The Strain is far better than anything the television show did in the five episodes I watched of the series once upon a time.

Ultimately, my point of writing this instead of a top ten or top five is because apparently picking a top five, or ten, for the matter is far more difficult than I EVER envisioned.  Maybe that is because I mostly read mostly fantastic books by some of the best authors out there on the market currently.  I would vow to read some bad books this year, but who would willing want to endure such a thing?  Not I said the duck.

Now it’s my turn to hear from you!  What was your favorite book(s) from 2017?  Can you pick just one?

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