My dad is going to be Bumble the Abominable Snowman

Before you think I’m mean for saying this about him, this is the conversation I just had with him.  He explains to me that one of the teeth they had planned on pulling broke today.  In reality his tooth cracked because said tooth is still half in his gum.  And then as if it is completely normal the following conversation took place.

Me: You know you are going to need to get dentures soon.  You should at least think about it considering the teeth you’ve had pulled and the fact they will have to pull more.

Dad: Nope.  Not gonna do it.  Never getting dentures.

In case you forgot that Hermey took Bumble’s teeth!

Me: So you’re never going to eat fried chicken again?

Dad: I can gum it.

Me: No.  No you can’t.  You shouldn’t want to gum chicken.

Dad: I’m gonna be like that guy in Rudolph.

Me: The yeti?  You want to be like Bumble?


Me: Bumble.  You want to be like Bumble!

This is apparently a Christmas Decoration and my dad’s future goals minus the teeth.

Dad: I’m going to be the best Bumble.  I think they will call me Bumble Santa.

Me: I don’t think you can combine the two.

Dad: Already have.  BUMBLE SANTA!

Me: And you’re okay never eating fried chicken again?

Dad: I need to lose weight so this way I will just start drinking everything through a straw.

Me: You still have to watch everything else like sugar intake.

Dad: Bumble Santa watches nothing!

And this of course where I had to get online and write about our conversation…because Bumble Santa.  The name has a nice ring to it right?  I hope so for my dad’s sake.  I’m not sure how a Bumble Santa would not scare the crap out of all the children.  Though my dad has been scaring the crap out of my friends and me for years so maybe he has just been preparing for Bumble Santa.  At least now when he chooses to scare us we are in on his game plan.

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