Thankskilling film review

Have you ever picked out a film because you know is going to suck? Because I have to admit I do this from time to time. This is half of the reason I keep adding guilty pleasure films to my collection. So upon seeing the film ThanksKilling as an option on Netflix a while back, I writer knew the film had to go in the queue. There was no other reason than morbid curiosity as to how bad this film was actually going to be.

There is absolutely no true redeeming quality to this movie.  Well, maybe the turkey saying, “Gobble gobble mother fucker.”  Maybe.  Okay that is the only redeeming quality. Regardless of how awful the film is, dialogue and all, I cannot say I would never watch ThanksKilling again.  In fact, I kind of have the desire to do so every year when Thanksgiving approaches but never do.

I will admit that part of my reasoning behind watching this originally was due in large part to the fake trailer found at the beginning of the Grindhouse films, Planet Terror (2007), and Death Proof (2007).  I’m still kind of sad there is no such thing as Thanksgiving yet, but considering how much I love ThanksKilling at least gives me one Thanksgiving horror film for now.

I love how much this film sucks because I could not stop laughing. In fact, my friend and I found ourselves quoting the horrible dialogue back and forth on Facebook to one another afterward. While she claims she will never watch the film again and cannot even watch films as bad as that one again, something tells me that will not be the worst film I will ever watch in my lifetime.

Since there is not much synopsis wise, let me explain that quickly and move forward. ThanksKilling is simply about a killer turkey who decides to take his revenge finally and kills a bunch of college students during their Thanksgiving break. The best part is how many people this turkey actually kills and the methods he uses to do so. By far one of my favorite moments within the entire film has to be when the turkey kills one of the character’s father and uses his face to get into the home the kids feel they are safe in. The fact that he is using the face and he is a turkey is painfully obvious but that is what makes the film hilarious.

This film was not meant to win academy awards and the film does not attempt to do so. The beauty of ThanksKilling is the fact that it is supposed to suck. With lines such “Looks like I got something you don’t, Turkey” and the Turkey responding with “What’s that Darren…a vagina?” makes me laugh.  How do you not laugh at that?  Or you know, maybe I just wanted a painfully stupid film.  Who knows.  The scratchy rough voice that comes from the turkey makes his lines even funnier somehow though.

There is something entirely amusing about this piece that I cannot help but laugh so hard. Another gem within the film is a montage that focuses on two best friends. If I can remember correctly there is a bit of a musical number that takes place during this montage, since all good montages have music that helps carry them through.

My final shining moment within the film, spoiler alert ahead, is when the college kids feel they have killed the turkey only to discover they put him in radioactive waste. Once he comes back to life he is a super radioactive killer turkey! More insanity ensues of course and the acting continues to be just as horrible as before. That is the beauty of this film.  ThanksKilling is bad and it knows it, which is okay because sometimes you just need to appreciate a horrible film.

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