Selena Knew How to Keep Cool

After watching the movie Selena when I was younger I thought it would be absolutely okay to walk around in pants and a bra. It just made sense to me. I still had closed on as my boobs had a top on them and I was cooler suddenly. My mother and I got into many arguments as to why it was not appropriate to walk around like that around my father to which I explained it was like walking around in a bikini top. She of course countered with that I didn’t wear bikinis to swim. I still thought this was crap at the time and still do in a way.

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Yo ho, a traveler’s life for me

Thursday I went to get my passport.  There was this fear with my sinuses being the way they are I would receive certain looks if I even remotely coughed in public.  Trust me when I say if I could have avoided getting sick the same week I made my passport appointment I would have.  That was not the case though.  And I did the vampire cough and still received looks all the same.  Oh well.  Continue reading “Yo ho, a traveler’s life for me”

My dad is going to be Bumble the Abominable Snowman

Before you think I’m mean for saying this about him, this is the conversation I just had with him.  He explains to me that one of the teeth they had planned on pulling broke today.  In reality his tooth cracked because said tooth is still half in his gum.  And then as if it is completely normal the following conversation took place. Continue reading “My dad is going to be Bumble the Abominable Snowman”

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