The Exorcist film review

When I first started watching horror films, The Exorcist (1973) is the one film that everyone told me to avoid. This built-up hype surrounding it that made me fearful. What if I did not like this film that everyone else adored? What if the film really scared me so bad that I was not able to sleep? All these little nagging fears and thoughts in my head. One day I finally bit the bullet and decided that these fears would not win. As I walked into the video store that afternoon, straight to the horror section I went. With such a classic piece of cinema locating the feature was not difficult at all. Soon getting in line was the only thing standing between me and the movie.

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The Mountain Between Us film review

A while back I remember seeing a huge cardboard advertisement for The Mountain Between Us. I immediately thought of how much I loved both the actors within the film and told myself to see if there was a trailer already out when I arrived home that afternoon. The film appeared intriguing and I am happy with the pick I made early in October when I had a day off I normally do not. Continue reading “The Mountain Between Us film review”

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