Mean Girls film review

I must confess despite the fact Tina Fey penned the screenplay my desire to see the adaptation from book to the silver screen version in Mean Girls (2004) was minimal at best. Mean Girls was not even one of my rentals! My parents rented the film and while working on a project for school, I found myself distracted. Mean Girls was hilarious! Why did I ever doubt Miss Fey to begin with? If anyone could give us a great adaptation its her. Who knows why I did, but I can admit that this feature is one of my favorite high school related films. Mean Girls deserves a watch or five all the same.

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Yes, Please book review

I was lucky enough back in September to finish two books in the same day. One audiobook and one hardcover book. Yes, Please was the audiobook I finished. And I can honestly say my cat, Oliver, was happier with the audiobook route so I could pet him/have him lay on me as I finished.  Continue reading “Yes, Please book review”

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