We Must Grow Together

It’s more important now than ever that we stand together. A nation undivided. A nation that believes in the equality of others and willing to reach back when there’s another hand reaching for us. By giving people basic human rights and teaching ourselves to have internal growth we can grow together. In a world full of opportunity we must continue to fight. We musth continue to grow and teaching ourselves at every opportunity available. Just because we exit school does not mean that we should ever quit learning. To read more of my thoughts on this subject matter you may check out my latest entry on Pippies here.

Stop Pretending Black Lives Don’t Matter

I’m not one to let hate into my heart. I try more often than not to deny it entry. Some days are harder than others to comprehend what is happening before us. Thankfully on May 21, 2020, a third person was arrested in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. His name is William “Roddie” Bryan Jr. He is the person who filmed the horrific video footage of Arbery being chased down by Gregory and Travis McMichael. My hope now is that these murder charges stick because that’s what happened. They lynched a young man for merely taking a jog. The sad part is it never stops. I feel like I’m on repeat and wondering when and if I’m going to get a call one day and told that one of my friends didn’t make it home, and it sucks.

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