I cannot avoid having shows make me cry today

I just finished watching the season eight premiere of Blue Bloods. Typically, I will go down my DVR from top to bottom and watch in that order. Plus, I am semi avoiding Chicago Fire because I don’t want to watch one of my favorite characters die. That isn’t because I know definitively if one of them has died or not, but I get far too emotionally attached to fictional characters and don’t want to deal with the fictional massacre today.  With that said, if you are a fan of Blue Bloods and have not watched the premiere, come back to this post after you have viewed this week’s episode. Spoilers ahoy.

When we last left the Reagans Danny’s house was burnt to the ground. I’ve had some friends who have loss everything before via fire, floods, and tornadoes. Everything can be rebuilt but that initial loss leaves this numb feeling inside of one.  That is the description that has been given to me multiple times. I’ve also been told throughout the years that people tend to merely stand and look at the remains wondering what to do first. Where do they go? Depending on how bad the damage is of course those are things one must think of. How do we rebuild? And considering all the devastation in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico that is a hot button topic. How can we help?

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